“The Atheist and the Afterlife – An Autobiography” by Ray Catania

The Atheist and the Afterlife- An Autobiography

Ray Catania
Limitless Productions (2020)
ISBN: 978-0578832579
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/2022)

“The Atheist and the Afterlife- An Autobiography: A True Story of Inspiration, Transformation, and the Pursuit of Enlightenment,” is the first book in the Ray Catania Awakening series.

In this amazing autobiography, Ray Catania tells his story about how he evolved from being an atheist to a gifted clairvoyant medium. The transition was not an easy one at all. Coming from a background where he based his beliefs on scientific evidence, Catania had to make some paradigm shifts to move him to a more spiritual path. From what I read, the universe really did not give him a choice! As Catania started having some unusual experiences, he looked for scientific reasons as to why he was able to have these special experiences. He found evidence to help him gain a greater understanding that allowed a scientific connection. This really helped him to tune in, and further expand the gifts that he discovered he had. Being in a supportive relationship helped, except that his girlfriend’s father was a man with a very strong spirit, and he was relentless about making sure that Ray heard him!

In addition to telling about his personal journey, the author also does an excellent job of explaining terms related to his experience so that all readers will be able to understand. At the end, he also offers easy steps that people can take to help them “Become Limitless.”

I recently lost a relative who had some tremendous gifts. Being able to attend his celebration of life, and gifted with a direct sign of his presence, helped remind me how far I have fallen off my path and allowed myself to become stuck back in the mundane world. I was also reminded how we should not waste time, because we do not know how much we have left in this reality.

While I was not an atheist, I do appreciate the value of scientific evidence. Early in life, I had many unexplainable situations in which I tried to put them on a back burner until I could find a reasonable explanation that rarely, if ever, came. Like the author, the universe was not letting me off the hook, so I started studies in some interesting areas. To learn how to work with energy, I even became a Reiki Master. My experiences were different, yet similar enough that I was able to relate to what Catania was experiencing. He had a panel of three guides; I have always referred to mine as “The Council of Three.” These and many other similarities really helped me relate to this autobiography. It also reminded me I needed to get back to work!

Readers will appreciate “The Atheist and the Afterlife.” I cannot adequately put into words how profoundly impacted I was by reading this. No matter what spiritual level you are at, I think there is something in here for everybody. If you are waiting for a sign from the universe to help you get back on your path, please know that this is it.

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