“The Ghost Writer” by Anne K. Hawkinson

The Ghost Writer

Anne K. Hawkinson
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 978-1732017559
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/2022)

New York travel agent Jenna Hickson feels lost after she loses her best friend Padma Kumar in a tragic accident. Knowing that Padma was writing a Scottish romance that takes place in the 14th century, Jenna is pleased to find the draft on a travel drive. It is entitled “Siubhail,” which is Scottish Gaelic for “The Traveler.” As she is reading it, Jenna finds herself drawn into the compelling story. Disappointed when she discovers it is unfinished, Jenna decides to become a ghostwriter and complete it in Padma’s honor. She soon discovers that their special soul connection is still intact and Padma can communicate with her. Padma now is truly the “ghost writer.”

Jenna’s life completely changes as she is drawn into not only Padma’s story, but also a realistic romantic dream that takes place long ago in the castle that she plans to visit. When Jenna finally travels to Scotland to research her story, she meets clan chief Sir Thomas deKeith at Dunnottar Castle. Sir Thomas resembles the man from Jenna’s dream, and she is elated to discover that she recognizes the castle as well! Jenna now has to make choices dealing with the past, present, fiction, and reality. What a great adventure her life has become!

 “The Ghost Writer,” immediately captured my interest. I just wanted to curl up and read! I wished for a snowstorm, so that I would be able to read it in one sitting, but living in the hot desert made that impossible. Anne Hawkinson did an amazing job of creating a story that seamlessly blended in different time periods, along with fantasy and reality. I never felt lost or confused. I was just excited to be able to see what was happening in the subplots.

The characters seemed so real and well developed. I felt like I knew the protagonist and she felt like a friend. The supporting cast also added to the story. Some of them were likeable and others revolting. I felt about them as the protagonist did. The settings were beautifully described, whether they were in the 21st century New York or the 14th century Scotland. I loved seeing Scotland through the main character’s eyes!

I highly recommend “The Ghost Writer” by Anne K. Hawkinson. It would also be a perfect choice for a reader’s group. I look forward to reading more works by this wonderful author.

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