“Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller” by Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.

Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller

Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.
Soaring High Publishing (2022)
ISBN: 978-1959354017
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (10/2022)

When district attorney Natalie Costa’s tortured, lifeless body is discovered in her opulent penthouse in Manhattan, a deep sense of loss is felt within her professional community. Pegged as one of the good guys who put “bad guys behind bars,” her death feels personal and targeted. Detective Griffin Knight mulls over the lack of evidence but eventually links the mysterious cloaked man seen leaving Costa’s apartment to a cold case that’s been inactive for seven years. The killer was called the Judge, and he targeted bottom-feeder criminals with no moral compass, but then why did he target Natalie, who was ultimately playing for the same team? This elusive killer purposely tampers with evidence, sending investigators on a wild goose chase leading nowhere. Will Detective Knight find the Judge and bring him to justice? Read and find out!

“Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery” by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is a heart-rate-inducing, nail-biting novella with plenty of twists and turns to engage readers. At only seventy pages, the thrilling action commences immediately after the first line. Stealthy pursuits and cat-and-mouse chase scenes further elevate the intensity. If you’re craving a clever, fast-paced whodunit sprinkled with the sarcasm of a snarky detective, this book will deliver!

Writing a story from alternative perspectives, especially in a novella, can be tricky. Still, if executed properly, the result can be show-stopping. This author expertly managed the latter. He provided readers with a handful of perspectives without skimping on character development. The victims had sufficient backstories, some with unsavory pasts and others with squeaky-clean records. Still, somehow I managed to root for them all (even the shady characters) and felt personally troubled by their demise. With that said, the character I most enjoyed was Detective Knight, with his swagger, sarcasm, and investigative prowess. He brought the story to life.

The author has done an excellent job crafting an immersive plot with diverse characters. In addition, cryptic clues and adrenaline-pumping chase scenes will undoubtedly appeal to thriller and murder mystery enthusiasts. You’ll think you’ve got it figured out, only to be blindsided entirely (in the best way!). “Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery” deserves five stars and a spot on your bookshelf!

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