“Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs with 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson

Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs with 8 Figures or More

Chad Willardson
Lioncrest Publishing (2022)
ISBN: 978-1544536743
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (11/2022)

So, you’ve made it! You are part of a rare species—the elite, the top one percent, the creme de la crop. As a highly successful CEO or founder of a booming business, you’ve achieved more than most entrepreneurs could ever dream of. You’ve reached the metaphorical peak of the mountain, which feels great, but looking down also fills you with anxiety. There is so far to fall. But worry not, “Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs With 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson was written to meet you where you are and inspire a growth mentality, so falling is not an option. There are always more mountains to climb.

The self-help book explains eight pillars that hold the key to further success in all areas of your life. You’ve spent years working toward financial freedom, and now that you’re there, you have the time and resources to nourish the other areas of your life. Investing in your health, recharging your relationships, and managing your attention are a few topics covered in the book. The author insists feeding these areas will ensure your business continues to flourish, allowing you to enjoy the many fruits of your labor for years to come.

The book was really well put together. The author applied a mixture of detailed advice and shorter pro tips, and he invited like-minded entrepreneurs and CEOs to contribute to the chapters. This was my favorite part—surprisingly, the most common theme wasn’t boasting about their wealth or possessing a preachy, holier-than-thou attitude; it was their level of humility—it was the humble nature that shone through, proving that the most successful people are always learning, growing, and sharing ideas; they don’t spend time tooting their own horns or hoarding resources.

Further, because highly successful entrepreneurs have little time to read and absorb self-help books, the author drafted short chapters with impact and succinctness in mind. Following the paragraphs, the author summarized further, taking the most important advice and bulleting them into easy-to-implement next steps. For example, when highlighting the benefits of recharging relationships in chapter three, the next steps involved prompting the reader to block out future family or date nights into their calendar and making them non-negotiable.

Despite the original purpose of writing the book for a niche group of wealthy entrepreneurs, these pillars can add value to anyone’s life. Success involves nurturing the physical, mental, and emotional parts of yourself, and when you have a strong foundation, you have the energy to pursue your entrepreneurial goals. That said, I believe that the writing would resonate the most with the author’s intended audience.

Overall, “Beyond the Money: 8 Lifestyle Shifts for Entrepreneurs With 8 Figures or More” by Chad Willardson was impactful and easy to implement. Readers who have already reached a high level of monetary freedom will welcome the change of pace and the absence of financial jargon found in other self-help books of their kind.

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