“The Waxing Moon” by Elli Morgan

The Waxing Moon

Elli Morgan
Wild Rose Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1509244003
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (11/2022)

Okay, I have to admit that when I was offered this book to review, I immediately had the thought, “Oh boy, more vampires.” I believed that the topic, given books, movies, television shows, has been overdone, and I did not think we readers could get another of the same old thing and truly enjoy it. As has happened so many times to me, I was very happily surprised.

In “The Waxing Moon,” the main character is Lilah, a young woman who is living a very boring, normal, and at times depressing, life. Soon she has a surprise meeting with Cain, a very mysterious and gorgeous, you guessed it, vampire. Lilah has been dreaming of a new life, Cain is able to show her one, and their adventures begin.

What I loved most about the book is the fact that we are not given your normal girl meets vampire, life is rosy, vampire changes girl, and they live happily ever after type story. What we receive in this debut novel is girl meets vampire, and he does the right thing and takes her back to her life because he refuses to change her and subject her to his life even though he loves her. This leads to the author giving us an incredibly strong and interesting female protagonist. Lilah is a young woman who knows her own mind and desires and, when Cain refuses to give in to her wishes and tries to protect her from his dangerous life, she strikes out on her own to prove him wrong. Along the way we meet many wonderful characters, most of whom are vampires, trying to aid Lilah in her quest to become one of them by training her while she is still a human. It was a unique and fun way of depicting the same old story in a fresh and exciting new way.

Ms. Morgan’s characters are so well-written and intriguing that the book is a fast and fun read that is full of adventure. I can’t wait to see what the next adventure will be for Lilah and Cain, and I think many other readers will feel the same way. The action is always there, and it keeps the reader on their toes. I, personally, loved it and recommend it to all. I am anxiously awaiting the next story and adventure for these two great characters. 5 Stars!!

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