“The Lighthouse” by Glenn C. Daman

The Lighthouse: Discovering Security in the Radiance of God’s Character

Glenn C. Daman
Crosslink Publishing (2022)
ISBN: 978-1633574137
Reviewed by Ashley Hooker for Reader Views

Glenn C. Daman is a pastor passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with everyone. He is also a pastor who understands the trials ministry can have. In his book, “The Lighthouse,” Daman paints a portrait of the God of the universe.

“The Lighthouse” is a devotional book published amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Its purpose was to encourage us and prove to all people that we require a lighthouse to make our way through the murky waters we were in. Only hope, guidance, and perspective could keep God’s people strengthened to not only keep on their path, but to bring others with them into the fold.

This 20-week devotional starts with finding our security in God. Daman points out the ultimate purpose of our salvation is not to deliver us from sin, but to lead us into a never-ending relationship with God (p.79). He gives readers the foundation before moving them into deeper characteristics of God. As you move through the weeks, you learn about knowledge, wisdom, and suffering.

Throughout all the devotionals, Daman points out the unchanging characteristic of God in trials. That is His unchanging love and permanent control of your life. He states that God is in control, and we can never answer the why, only the who. He also says the God can reduce the universe into a ball He can hold in his hand.

Week 20 wraps this devotional up so well. Daman shares with us how we can discover joy through our worship of God. It is as if he is saying, now you know the awesomeness of the God of the universe, worship Him. He is worthy of your worship. One quote says, “the more you praise God, the more you will experience the joy of your salvation.”

As a Christian and a pastor’s wife, I have read a lot of devotionals. “The Lighthouse” shows off what I believe is often missing from them, depth. Daman doesn’t just share a short story to explain the truth. He takes the time to define terms, like righteous, for the readers. He gives solid doctrine and reference to scripture. “The Lighthouse” is more than a devotional. It is on the cusp of a Bible study on the character of God.

My favorite part of this book was all the statements Daman makes. I have written pages of them down to remind me of the greatness of the God I serve. My favorite one is “the most crucial step when going through a tribulation is not finding the correct answers but asking the right questions.” The question that should send you back to the Bible is, “How can I reveal Christ through my life and in the present crisis?”

I give “The Lighthouse” five stars because Daman has truly written a book that all Christians should have. He uses solid doctrine and theology without making it feel scholarly and gives the reader a lot to chew on. Christians could not read this without evaluating themselves. I appreciate what Glenn Daman has written and thank him for sharing it with the world.

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