“Piece of Work: A Memoir” by Danielle Tantone

Piece of Work, a Memoir: We are all a Piece of Work, a Work in Progress, and a Work of Art

Danielle Tantone
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8986930800
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2022)

Danielle Tantone’s memoir “Piece of Work” is a great read about her life’s journey; a chronicle deeply laced with love, faith, spirituality, family, and humanity. The author candidly shares her struggles in love and faith in a way that is not only exciting but in a way that makes the read so relatable to readers across the globe. Pain from previous relationships had taught her not to expect much, but rather to be a pious girl and simply enjoy life.

Tantone grew up as a great Judaism disciple, who liked to pray, and attend synagogue services, but as soon as she meets James, a deep unquenchable desire to convert to Christianity develops in her. She wants to know more about Jesus, become the perfect wife, and find out what becoming a Christian is all about.

Her newly found path leads to a conflict with her mother who, according to her, becoming a Christian is the ultimate betrayal of her Jewish identity and surmounts blasphemy. However, things don’t go down as she expects and take a turn for the worse when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She instead faces her battles with renewed faith, resoluteness, and courage. Gradually, she learns that her scars bear with them a testimony of understanding and empathizing with others in a similar situation. Ultimately, she proves to us that there is no mountain too big to handle, that we are all pieces of work, and that we will all get there a little at a time, not all at once.

“Pieces of Work” is a remarkable testimony of transformation and faith. The riveting chronicle is not only affecting and captivating, but will make you laugh and cry. You will weep for sorrow and weep for joy. And in it all, you will see the amazing grace of God and His sustaining power and love for His children. Tantone provides hard-won reassurances as she writes with raw vulnerability about her past, her losses, her deepest pain, and her greatest losses along the way offering a close-knit and colorful reminder that our bodies are a piece of work, with their dishevelment and successes.

Danielle Tantone’s slice of work is undoubtedly a five-star classic memoir that begs to be revisited. Its deeply resonant message will be a great place to start for anyone looking for solace from life’s ebbs and flows.

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