“The Betrayal” by Doug Dorsey

The Betrayal (Book 1 of the Blue Lotus Project)

Doug Dorsey
Studio 15 Publishing, Inc. (2022)
ISBN: 979-8985695304
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2022)

“The Betrayal” is a blistering novel by award-winning author Doug Dorsey in the Christian Sci-fi and fantasy genre. As a trilogy opener in the “Blue Lotus Project”, the story is set in a devastated world that has experienced large-scale and violent events such as earthquakes and fires reducing a huge part of the habitable land to two continents, North and South America.

President Alexander Wraith establishes sovereignty over the remaining parts of the earth in a bid to exterminate any rebellious groups to his rule. His focus is on persecuting the world’s armed forces and Christian groups to maintain his rule, groups he stridently classifies as religious zealots and incendiaries.

As the oppression and victimization begin, a young computer genius Liam Adler is tasked with the development of the Blue Lotus despite his reservations, a machine that Wraith secretly plans to use to brainwash his opponents. With the help of Jessica Cyprus, a young mysterious woman, Liam discovers Wraith’s devious schemes, and together, they endeavor to save humanity from the erosion of their freedoms and rights.

Strong writing, striking imagination, and detailed subplots make “The Betrayal” a great read. The pacing with each section is well done, the action intriguing and creative as it leaps off the pages. Set in a futuristic world, the primary stimulation for telling the story in the way it is told and the search for humanity in a world plagued with many chapters and instances of inhumanity.

Author Doug Dorsey has crafted a rip-soaring ode attuned to deep emotions and poignant moments to offer its readers. The dialogue is convincing and inviting, serving to display the unique personalities of the characters whilst moving the plot forward in an instinctive way. This dystopian drama is about the bleak rise of authoritarianism with scenes that reverberate in today’s headlines. Dorsey has distinctly put a lot of work into the society and the situation he creates in this novel, making it deceptively simple and direct.

Conclusively, this standout five-star embroidery by Doug Dorsey is not only thought-provoking but also a great springboard for book club discussions.

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