“Heart Songs” by Dennis Maulsby

Heart Songs

Dennis Maulsby
Cyberwit.net (2022)
ISBN 978-8182539761
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (11/2022)

I took my time with “Heart Songs” by Dennis Maulsby. How many times did I go through this little poetry book? Only the book’s worn down cover knows. “Heart Songs” is exactly what its title describes. It is a group of songs captured straight from its author’s heart. In it, readers will not only read the lyrics, they will also feel the raw vibrations of its music. From peaceful, deep loving feelings; to little moments of light pleasure; to everyday life; to raw and painful realities of war. Yes, this collection is presented as a little book of poetry, but within its pages, the readers will find the big emotions of a life that has seen its share of horror, beauty, pain, and happiness. These songs will give reader’s wisdom and appreciation of a heart… a life lived.

Dennis Maulsby’s voice is clear, simple, and raw as it presents not so simple topics like war, loss, love, dreams. I loved this contrast. I loved the little four sentence verses placed by themselves acting as tasty spices all throughout the book. The author chose different types of poetry to share his heart with readers. Some rhyme, some not so much. Some were more like essays, other standalone verses…. all of them songs from his heart.

Some poems like ‘Bachelor’s Dream’ made me laugh. Others, like “Midnight on the Deck” mesmerized me. Then I found some that for sure will never leave me. Below is a sample:

“Granma in the Hood

Cut gangman with blade
U a man made

Forget granma’s rant
Know u can’t

She tells u right
Hugs u tight

Struttin’ on the street
Bodies bullets meet

All that be left
Old woman’s fears

All that be right
Old woman’s tears”

Overall, I found “Heart Songs” by Dennis Maulsby a beautiful little book of songs to be kept next to you to re-read and discover a new melody each time you do. A five star must have for poetry lovers!

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