“Scribblings of My Soul” by Preethi Saravanakumar

Scribblings Of My Soul: A Poetry Collection

Preethi Saravanakumar
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781088001998
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2022)

“Scribblings Of My Soul: A Poetry Collection” is a celebratory and evocative set of poems by Preethi Saravanakumar that span a broad array of topics and unique styles. Most of the collections draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the intricacies of the soul. This poetry compilation of 9 words, 9 sections, 9 poems, and 9 artworks relates to the numeric symbolism of the number nine and its relation to the end of a cycle.

This volume features titles such as Rainbow Light, Arrogance To Compassion, Radiate Your Light and Lost in The Wild, among others. Intentional and passionate, Saravanakumar’s masterful poetry collection heavily focuses on a poetic traditional flair with common poetic themes such as romance, loss, heartbreak, and infatuation while giving the familiar style a newfangled twist. The collection also focuses on the fragility of life while giving all these ideas a modern voice.

“Scribblings Of My Soul: A Poetry Collection” is an alluring gala of lyrical beauty infused with fiery romance and the power of truth, love, and hope, thus ensuring there is something for everyone in her well-crafted work. Some of the entries are short such as I Will Serve You Till I Die while others such as Dance With Me and Promised Land are long. Still, both forms are gem boxes that reveal complete worlds because of their adept line breaks, use of adumbration, and vowel rhyme.

Further, the presence of staggering and vivid images present throughout enhances the entry’s succinct, balanced form. For example, in one entry, Forever, the poet masterfully uses figurative language to pass her thoughts using words such as “Your tears could become tunes, there would be a million melodies masking your stars. If your thoughts could paint, there would be millions of canvases drenched in prismatic hues.”

This text reminds us that, no matter life situations and storms, we are called upon to heal, grow, and evolve in a beautiful and meaningful way. Throughout, the poems are unfeigned and ardent and contain emotions, articulation, and thoughts that many, especially women, will relate to. The poet has undoubtedly taken an undaunted step by sharing her innermost feelings in an intelligent and adroit way. Let this powerful five-starcollection move you and allow you to feel seen, appreciated, understood, and not alone.

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