“He Is” by Mark R. Worden

He Is!: Knowing God Through Fifty Scriptural Meditations

Mark R. Worden
West Bow Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1664269903
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2022)

“He Is!: Knowing God Through Fifty Scriptural Meditations” by Mark R. Worden is a landmark volume and a one-stop believer’s guide, well-choreographed and presented to elucidate the character and personality of God, backed up with over eight hundred biblical scriptures and well-researched phrases.

An inward sense of despair and hopelessness caused by life trials leads Mark to seek God’s consolation and intervention and right there, a call to produce this most influential and inspirational devotional is born. Captioned with rich biblical quotations, references, and personal experiences, “He Is” adds to the list of exemplary and authentic faith-based Christian daily guides, whose transformative agenda and impact cuts across the globe.

The author, whose life story is a true definition of “gold refined through fire,” successfully takes his followers on an adventurous journey, where they not only hear about God but also meticulously interact and learn about His character and personality. Worden highlights the recognition of human weakness and limitation as the best way to experience God’s awesome power, explains what fear of God entails, His language, and the doctrine of the Trinity, among other dazzling/cardinal truths, necessary for the growth of Christian faith. Each page serves freshly-brewed wisdom, insight, and encouragement reminding us again and again of the all-sufficiency grace of God and His unquenchable love for His children.

The author incorporates the Hebrew language in this devotional, an ancient Biblical language that gives readers a deeper and original insight into Biblical language diversity, meaning, and history. He also tackles unpopular and confusing attributes of God like His righteous anger and its position, helping a lot of Christians who get lost when trying to figure out His other side.

“He Is!: Knowing God Through Fifty Scriptural Meditations” by Mark R. Worden is a precious read and is a stunning tool that leaves you meditating on God’s word. It is not a “feel good” devotional, rather it is blissful with substance and content challenging the followers to dig deeper into their relationship with the Creator. It is truly a resource that edifies and liberates your heart.

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