“A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery” by Diane Wing

A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery

Diane Wing
Modern History Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1615996223
Reviewed by: Leighkimberly Zoby for Readers Views (12/2022)

“A Winter’s Tail” is an adorable story in the cozy mystery genre which follows Autumn Clarke and her precious Shih Tzu Chrissy while they plan a wedding and solve a murder. Chrissy, the somewhat telepathic pup, has a knack for discovering cadavers in the most unlikely places. In this case, Chrissy digs out the body of local Psychologist, Angela Curry, buried deep within a snow drift just across the street from the store Autumn was shopping. Autumn’s fiancé, Detective Ray Reed and his K-9 Ace head up the investigation, following leads as the story twists and turns spotlighting numerous suspects and motives. Unfortunately, being a small-town a large number of wedding guests are on the suspect list, complicating both the business and personal lives of Autumn and Ray. 

Author Diane Wing’s writing style masterfully builds a maze of motives and possible suspects behind the murder. The story embodies the perfect combination of jealousy, revenge, and crimes of passion. I was on the edge of my seat as Detective Reed interrogated his suspects, trying to determine who actually killed Ms Curry. I especially liked the character development and back story of Barry. His state of mental health, drug use and delusions made an entertaining turn of events, leaving me wondering if what he witnessed was real or imagined.

The world building and character development are excellent. I could easily visualize the streets of New Hope. The devotion and playfulness of Chrissy and Ace towards their owners is adorable. The Mother in law Carol Reed is my favorite character due to her demeanor demanding respect and getting results.  Page after page I was drawn into the story as the wedding date got closer and the suspect list longer. At times I actually felt like I was in the wedding party witnessing the events as they were taking place. 

In my opinion “A Winter’s Tail” is an entertaining thrill ride with plenty of twists to keep readers guessing to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to checking out more titles in the series. 

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