“Einstein: The Man and His Mind” by Gary S. Berger and Michael DiRuggiero

Einstein: The Man and His Mind

Gary S. Berger (Author), Michael DiRuggiero (Author), Hanoch Gutfreund (Foreword)
Damiani (2022)
ISBN 978-8862087841
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (12/2022)

In the first true page of this book: the dedication, the authors and contributors make it clear that this book is dedicated to the memory of Alert Einstein.  Furthermore, they declare on this page that all royalties will be contributed to the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As the authors mention, Einstein’s name is truly synonymous with genius, although not many people truly understand why. 

Einstein did so much for the field of physics. However, his rise to becoming one of the most recognized mainstream icons is unexplainable as he is labeled as one of the first “stars of science” (p. 13). Interestingly, in the preface, author Gary Berger mentions he spent his teenage weekends in the home of Max Herzberger, another renowned physicist and friend of Einstein’s. This coupled with the dedication, drive the passion, excitement, and tone of the following pages of “Einstein: The Man and His Mind.”

This book has heft. It’s large, heavy, and hardcore. With very thick and regal pages, this read is more than just its sheer physical weight and size. Its hardbacked covers encapsulate so much knowledge and history. As a well-known figurehead of science, this book on Einstein’s life, achievements, and work gives readers real insight and intelligence into the history and trajectory of the man.

With quotes, pictures, stories, and summaries, there is so much to enjoy about this read. Each page taught me more and more, such as what would light look like if we caught up to it? The question behind the famous equation e = mc2, a formula discovered “purely by thought” (p. 32), which just shows exactly how brilliant his mind was. Famously the one behind the discovery and creation of the atomic bomb, one of his greatest life regrets, this equation helped to understand the energy source of stars and the basis of nuclear energy power use in power and electricity.

Einstein was also more than just his scientific brain. He famously stated if he hadn’t been a physicist, he would have been a musician, indicating that he thinks in music, daydreams in music, and sees life in music. However, while the pictures and stories within this tome told of his personal and professional pursuits, much of his family life is excluded. There are only brief mentions of his wife, stepdaughter and son, something I wish would have been included more thoroughly.

“Einstein: The Man and His Mind” is extraordinarily engaging, thought provoking and insightful. It is certainly a book that I will go back to time and time again and, given its size and beauty, will also likely attract the attention of guests as well.

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