“#MINDSET: A Research-Based Approach to Understanding Motivation” by Mary Kovach

#MINDSET: A Research-Based Approach to Understanding Motivation

Mary Kovach Ph.D.
Strategic Edge Innovation Publishing (2022)
ISBN: 978-1737360216
Reviewed by Natalia Kavale for Reader Views (01/2023)

Have you ever wondered why you have such great confidence in achieving certain goals or succeeding in certain situation in your life, yet in others, they seem so unattainable or out of your control? If so, Dr. Mary Kovach’s “#MINDSET” can give you the answer you are searching for.

Through a scientific research approach, Dr. Kovach analyzes how Julian Rotter’s locus of control (mindset) is related to an individual’s motivation. This book demonstrates how an individual’s mindset contributes to their motivation or demotivation, ultimately leading to their success or failure. The author notes that an individual can succeed in a certain circumstance because they take responsibility for the outcomes of that particular circumstance and because they have the confidence in their ability to succeed. This happens because they have an internal locus of control. However, individuals with an external locus of control do not attain high success because they fail to take accountability for the outcome situation since they believe that the outcome of that particular situation is solemnly depended on external factors like chance or luck, regardless how of much effort that individual has put into the task or situation.

Through extensive research, the use of several motivational theories, and examples of successful Italian women from the past, Dr. Kovach gives full-proof evidence that anyone can reprogram their mindset to help them let go of what is holding them back from achieving outstanding success. After reading this book, I am now confident in my ability to achieve the goals I have always thought were out of reach for me. Through this book, the author has successfully managed to add knowledge to exiting research while motivating and empowering others on how they can remain motivated in order to go after what they desire to achieve in life.

“#MINDSET” is exceptionally written and has neatly organized content. The book is written in an academic and formal register. Some readers may find the formal language draining to read. However, bookworms—who would read anything and everything—like myself will bury their noses into these pages and won’t close the book until the very last page. I did just that.

This phenomenal and mind-bending quick read is a must-have for anyone who would like to achieve what they deem impossible, be it in business, academic, or personal life. Anyone who is currently struggling to stay motivated should have this book on their bookshelves. Fans of “The Maestro Monologue” by Rob White will devour Dr. Kovach’s “#MINDSET”.

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