“Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” by Daniel Eric Finkel

Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity

Daniel Eric Finkel
Daniel Eric Finkel Productions (2022)
ISBN: ‎979-8986817828
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” is a jocular and fast-paced tale by Daniel Eric Finkel, conceived and configured to entertain and astound.

The pages spread out to launch readers into a scene that displays the laughable friendship between Ted Farmer One and Ted farmer Two. The two have been together for years but the former tends to wake up early in the morning just to hysterically command the latter around. Their interaction with the former’s cows brings out the ideal design of buffoonery and jest, as illustrated through funny and sarcastic remarks and engagements, for example, when the former’s cow gives birth, and the owner decides to name it “My Best Friend.”

On the other hand, Mr. Taffle anticipates winning this year’s biggest hero award in the upcoming Mr. Winkie’s Mighty Warlord Extravaganza. He hopes that his efforts in marketing the “feel” technology will soon pay off, especially after negotiating business with leading financial cooperation. He also feels tired of having failed at everything in life, a pitiful situation that hilarious brings out his mother to say the words, “You don’t totally suck.” Unbelievably, Mr. Taffles purchases an expensive pair of pants whose cost stands bigger than his whole wardrobe combined. A few praises by colleagues and friends at least convince him that he didn’t err in making this luxurious purchase, until a nasty word exchange with the nostril-twisting clothing shop owner confirms his worst fears and assumptions regarding the reputable leather pants.

Humor is a complicated genre for many authors to tackle, but Finkel has delivered a free-flowing masterstroke that shines through brilliant narration and ingenuity. He has brought out lively characters that tell a bunch of jokes in a row while exposing and ridiculing stupidity, hypocrisy, and shrewdness pleasingly. The book’s humor is clear and engaging through the chapters making one forget all their woes and break into a smile and bouts of laughter. He has used penetrating yet simple and understandable words and sentences, allowing readers to have a smooth state of enjoyment.

“Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” is a five-star novel that excels in tickling readers and is the perfect tonic for mind and body relaxation and a great repellent for anxiety and depression. It is a direct route to happiness, joy, and satisfaction and a must-read for all age groups. The author’s unique writing skill is an ideal demonstration to new and existing authors on how great humor is conceptualized and created, and which mixture of elements makes it unique.

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