“Quiet Hour” by Heather Chase and Ken Beller

Quiet Hour: An Easy Way to Reduce Stress and Feel Inner Peace Outside

Heather Chase and Ken Beller
LTS Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-0980138269
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Quiet Hour: An Easy Way to Reduce Stress and Feel Inner Peace Outside” is a concise guide that helps teach both individuals and groups the benefits of using time in nature to relieve stress. It is through a four-step approach participants learn to disengage, unwind, relax and regather their calm. This program is designed to be suitable for everyone, no matter their physical or economical limitations. This handy guide provides all the necessary know-how you need to turn off the stress and enjoy the healing sights, sounds, smells and feeling nature provides. 

“Quiet Hours” is broken down into four easy to follow steps with helpful hints and suggestions noted to handle distractions and get a deeper sense of relief. I like the handy cut-out cards with directions provided so participants can use them at any time they feel the need to escape. Guidance sheets, experience logs and participant surveys are a nice addition for people wanting to partake in group settings. There is also an outline on how to make a business flier for an event. This would be useful for high pressure business centers to teach their new employees a quick way to decompress a stressful day. 

The authors’ writing style is easy to follow, but the information provided is somewhat lacking and often repetitive. Out of the 33 pages within the book, there are 6 pages which are nearly identical in content, with 13 dedicated to nature scenes. Also, the descriptions in the how-to sections of the steps feel rushed. And while the authors’ intended target audiences are both individuals and group facilitators, the material layout seems more group focused.  I expected a lot from “Quiet Hours” due to the fact I minored in psychology and have experienced the miracle of nature’s healing power while struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This book has the ability to help so many people but has some areas of opportunity that should be considered in my opinion. I suggest first narrowing down the target audience to only group settings then expanding upon the content. Rather than bullet-pointing facts, personalize the reading experience with real-life stories. This is where a connection is built with readers providing proof the process works. 

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