“Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” by Valorie M. Allen

Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters: The Defining Issue of the 21st Century

Valorie M Allen
Friesen Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1039108059
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (023)

“No matter who is winning the debate about growth, we aren’t planning for that growth particularly well.” — Howard V. Hendrix, San Francisco Chronicle

October 31, 2011, marked a disturbing landmark for the planet as the global population exceeded seven billion people with this growth outpacing economic growth, causing the depletion of natural resources on a large scale and a fresh threat to the extinction of animal species. What does this mean for the world at large? Are there potential solutions for sustainable development or population control?

“Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” explores an extremely relevant topic, the burgeoning population growth, estimated to hit a level of an astonishing population of eight billion people, along with its impact on the ecosystem and climate change. The author manages to, in an impressive way, present the population as an integral part of our environmental challenges. With entire ecosystems in peril due to the relentless growth of the human population, Valorie’s writing poses a better understanding of biodiversity loss, pollution, deforestation, water, and food shortages, all exacerbated by our huge and ever-increasing numbers. The cost of population growth differs greatly from country to country. She successfully paints a sobering picture with her global mastery of the subject, discussing the world’s looming population and how this plight affects us at the local, national, and international levels.

Buoyant with stirring charts and graphs, to decipher the demographic statistics that bring thought-provoking arguments to readers’ minds. The book relentlessly deciphers social problems and inequalities, economic setbacks, and the impact on governance. This ecologically informed author recognizes the looming crisis in global economic growth and offers a gold mine chock full of practical solutions and inspirational stories that can assist in proper decision-making.

The text’s accessible terminology makes its ideas exciting and relevant and also laity friendly. Demography has shaped world history; it is shaping the present and it will shape the future. “Eight Billion Reasons Population Matters” ultimately presents a far-reaching evaluation that’s unflinching, comprehensive, and perceptive and a powerful tool for spreading awareness on a necessary societal theme. Although repetitive in some of the research done, this 4-star work presents the two-way dance between population and the natural world, providing palpable ways we can all be part of the solution.

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