“Stroke Recovery: What Now?” by Tracy L. Markley

Stroke Recovery What Now?

Tracy L. Markley
Independently Published (2018)
ISBN: 978-1730917905
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (01/2023)

After a patient has a stroke, they need to continue the recovery process once being discharged from the hospital. In Ms. Tracy Markley’s book, “Stroke Recovery What Now?: When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues,” the author shares her knowledge of teaching her readers the medical terms they need to know and the exercises they can do to continue their recovery process after their hospital stay.

One thing that first grabbed my attention was the ease of Ms. Markley providing the medical terms the patient hear throughout their recovery. When she mentions the medical name, she also brings the definition down to layman’s terms so anyone can understand what she is referring to at any given point throughout the book. She speaks in a friendly tone that draws the patients or the patient’s family members in so they fully understand what is happening throughout the recovery process. Never does she speak over the reader’s head, which eliminates the reader becoming so confused as to what the author is referencing, that they give up on doing the provided.

I love that along with the down-to-earth presentation of the book; she includes pictures of the exercises so the patient can physically see how they should look performing any given exercise they are referring to. Ms. Markley gives extensive descriptions of different medical conditions the patient might be experiencing at whatever stage of the recovery the patient might be in and mentions the exact exercises that might assist them in their recovery process at that time. Readers never will feel lost in what they are reading because she writes with intent – keeping in mind that some patients may not be able to comprehend excess jargon and details that will only frustration them and possibly stunt their recovery process.

Ms. Markley brings over 20 years of working experience in the fitness industry which includes but is not limited to her being a Certified Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Biomechanics Specialist etc. and she has even written CEC Certification Courses on Exercise and Stroke Recovery. Her work history is pretty impressive and obviously any patient should feel they are being taught by a certified professional in the industry. I know if I need and stroke recovery information for a family member or friend, I would without a doubt refer to any of the books the author has penned over the years.

Overall, I found this book to be stocked with endless information stroke patients need to continue their recovery process. Any layperson with no fitness experience will be able to move through the extensive list of exercises Ms. Markley offers. Because of the nature of this book, I feel it’s geared more toward mature young adults and adults. I found this book to be extremely informative and without a doubt would refer to it if I was in need of assisting a family member or friend in their stroke recovery.   

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