“Clouds: love poems from above the fray” by Jon Meyer

Clouds: love poems from above the fray

Jon Meyer
Joshua Tree Interactive (2022)
ISBN 978-1733232845
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/2023)

I am a fan of Jon Meyer’s work, so when I saw his latest book “Clouds: Love Poems from above the Fray” I jumped on it!

In this new collection, Jon Meyer presents his poetry alongside pictures of the place that inspired it, complemented with fun facts about the place, picture, or the inspiration for the poem. What is new in this new collection is that Meyer went international and black and white!

The book is structured by country and region, featuring 10 countries, the US being the last one and including features from 9 states. Once again, I was captivated by the overall experience of the photography, poems and inside scoop pages. Except this time, the black and white pictures added a mystifying effect to the journey. My favorite places visited were Chile, Nepal, Norway, Israel, California, and Maine. What do all these places have in common? Clouds!

Meyer’s overall art is unique as his poems are elevated by the beautiful scenic pictures, taking readers through a sensory journey that touches their mind and soul. At the same time, Meyer gives us a backstage peek, which I found unique from other similar books, creating an enjoyable reading experience.

I give an example of Meyer’s poetry to share part of what I felt. One of my favorites is:


A Chilean sundog is a beautiful natural sight. The inner and outer reflection across right and left pages completes a rare scene. This photo came from many photos I took in quick succession. Love’s sunlight can drive away shadows.

When the door to
Your home cracks
Open, the blinding
Sun makes all my
Shadows disappear.’

Beautifully displayed, with this poem the picture of the Chilean sundog sky spreads on both pages. The fun fact is on the first page and the inspiring prose is on the right-side page.

An impressive work, over four decades in the making, Jon Meyer gifted us again with astonishing beauty through “Clouds: Love Poems from above the Fray.” It’s a five-star work of art and a must experience journey! I am keeping this book too!

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