“Visible Strengths” by Mary Mosope Adeyemi

Visible Strengths

Mary Mosope Adeyemi
New Degree Press (2022)
ISBN: 979-8885045827
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Visible Strengths: Capitalize on Strengths, Contribute Value, and Communicate Results to Accelerate Your Career” is a vital career guide by Mary Mosope Adeyemi that explores three essential steps to professional fulfillment, fruitful endeavors, and success in one’s career: capitalizing on your strength, contributing value to these strengths, and communicating results to those who matter.

With a stirring introduction packed with sage wisdom, the text does not dally in its beginning and instead cuts through time-tested strategies as each chapter builds upon the other with intricate candor and precision. The book is divided into three chronological parts as it teaches professional career people and novices alike to craft careers within their talents, using these talents to serve people and the organizations they work in as well as drawing the necessary people to them. Through the stories of high-achieving professionals, her personal stories, as well as impactful coaching structures, Author Adeyemi transforms what would otherwise be complicated knowledge into practical, applicable knowledge.

The book asserts that many begin their careers with little preparation only to find themselves later stuck in a rut. In the author’s own words, she advises that “Whichever scenario you identify with, you always have the opportunity to accelerate, reposition, or fully reset your career. If you are doing well, you can do better. If you are not doing as well as you would like, you can get back on the right track.” Some guidance is infused in ample illustrations or relatable quotes at the beginning of each chapter and even summaries, resulting in an approachable laity friendly package. As the book hurtles along, reminders of previous details, tips, and approaches help reinforce its didactic potential.

Concise and balanced, “Visible Strengths: Capitalize on Strengths, Contribute Value, and Communicate Results to Accelerate Your Career” draws up to a close with self-reflective questions and insightful exercises that evoke contemplation and confidence to reach the glass ceiling of success. All told, Mary Mosope Adeyemi’s five-star work is not only a pragmatic and principled career guide but a manifesto bound to yield quick results.

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