“Coming Home” by Lori Vos

Coming Home: A Spiritual Memoir

Lori Vos
Shanti Arts LLC (2022)
ISBN: 978-1956056501
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Coming Home: A Spiritual Memoir” is a moving story of redemption detailing the path that leads one woman to spiritual and emotional healing through the difficult decisions she must make to overcome her painful past.

The story commences with a glum and poignant sequence detailing Author Lori Vos’ childhood traumas and torments hatched in the hands of a brutal, pitiless, and inhuman father. On one particular night, that would mark the beginning of a murky and painful life, her father walked into her room and ruthlessly molested her, a habit that was met with a villainous look and excruciating punishment by her mother. Vos became one of the children who unfortunately have suffered from the ugly spillage of unchecked emotions emanating from parents whose marriage is collapsing. This has been found to lead to heightened insecurity and anxiety, and if not checked, can blossom into more severe mental disorders.

One can’t help but feel Vos’ pain in her voice as she lucidly recollects memories of a mother-turned-monster, who seemed to have located her place in the occultist circles. She didn’t seem to care that her bizarre actions towards her daughter were pushing her further away into limbo. The author’s sister was similarly experiencing horrendous treatment by members of the mother’s dark circle. Sadly, the trees around her neighborhood felt more real and present for the little girls than the parents ever were. Vos’ hope for a bright future was overtaken by despair, self-hate, and confusion until she met the warm but watchful class teacher, Mrs. Thomas. This was an encounter that would begin to bring her broken pieces together through constant regard, though it all seemed strange to her at first.

This memoir is inspiring from every conceivable angle, especially when readers discover how the author overcame feelings of disconnection from herself that the diabolical rituals and defilements she battled from childhood had caused. The entry of loving mothers and friends later in her life offers a breath of fresh air and a sign of hope to readers, who are likely to drown in the emotions and feelings as the narration progressed. They are also able to learn the significance of affirmations, good company, and prayer from the unique stories shared, such as Shirley’s, a survivor of a similar woe and whose tale significantly contributed to the author’s journey to steady recovery.

“Coming home: A Spiritual Memoir” is not a feel-good story but one that seeks to heal, cheer and revamp broken lives back to stability, self-worth, and dignity. The beautiful scriptures, poems, and songs beautifully narrated and sung with the turn of each page are a brilliant addition that gives much-needed breaks from the intense and affecting yarn. In this book, Lori Vos has successfully affirmed that little by little, broken lives can be healed and that forgiving and finding inner peace, rest and security is possible through the ever-present help of God.

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