“Saved by Hope” by Jenny Lowe

Saved by Hope

Jenny Lowe
Muse Literary (2022)
ISBN: 978-1958714317
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Saved by Hope” is a brilliant genre-refuting book that chronicles the life of Jenny Lowe as she gives an account of her journey and that of her husband, James, with infertility problems. Almost all women dream of having a child of their own one day. However, realizing this dream is difficult for some women. Lowe’s heartfelt account details the couple’s experiences with this insidious struggle, fertility treatments, cancer, surgeries, and surrogacy. The book beautifully describes her courageous journey through pain, grief, joy, and hope as she experiences situations that change her mindset forever.

Written in the first-person narrative, the book shines with palpable vulnerability and unflinching honesty. Her voice takes readers through emotional turbulence as they try to manage and walk through a maze of bad news and carry on with life despite the constant brokenness the situation brought from time to time. Lowe’s evocative ability with language provides a panorama of her life, providing readers with further empathy and insight into what many women in her situation go through. Her honesty, truth and courage shed light on a complex topic that is rarely spoken about. The result is a compelling, affecting, and deeply thought-provoking book.

“Saved by Hope” is undeniably a story of hope, grace, and empowerment as it illuminates the hidden struggles, emotions, loneliness, and trials of infertility diagnosis and the search for treatment or any available solution. Jenny’s story is one of resilience. She serves as a reminder that we are all stronger than we imagine ourselves and that life is a constant push to the finishing line without giving up. That the book provides scientific and educative information on the topic is a win-win in itself.

The author’s clarity in writing this memoir is so fresh and impressive, with an exemplary and vibrant voice. The warmth and tenderness of her story feel like a revitalizing embrace, especially to those who have passed through a similar story. By turns, a teacher, a companion, and a heartfelt inspiration, Jenny Lowes’ five-star work smacks of true endurance and fortitude wrapping up into a robust gem. It is a much-needed tool to help demystify infertility and offer families a source of hope to carry on.

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