“The Othala Rune” by D.A. Dalessandro

The Othala Rune

D.A. Dalessandro
North Medina Media (2022)
ISBN: 978-0989510530
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023) 

“The Othala Rune (Lazarus Flynn Book 2)” by D.A. Dalessandro is a scintillating historical fiction story that features a group of homeless veterans whose environment is a disarray of dilapidated encampments, a rather sad image for the selfless servicemen, and which the main protagonist Lazarus Flynn and his old friend Robinson feel obliged to come to the aid of. The veterans’ woes seem to plunge them deeper and deeper into misery and rage when the senate, unfortunately, stands obdurate to abet by opposing the release of the Expeditionary Forces Bonus which the veterans so dearly require.

The heart-breaking living conditions Flynn witnesses are enough to knock him off his feet to join the demonstration march toward Capitol Hill. Though optimistic that their laments will be heard, Flynn is shocked when his sharp private investigator’s eyes notice the probable involvement of the military to ward off the protest. Someone must certainly want them gone for good and isn’t considering the helpless, elderly, and sickly vets who never deployed themselves, but were sent to war by this same government now turned enemy.

Flynn’s competence and judgment skills are again put to test when he gets hired, among other private investigators, to search for Kirsten, a lost daughter to a wealthy political extremist. Kirsten has always suspected that her father had a hand in her mother’s death, a theory Flynn finds improbable until she reveals more dreadful information about her father, leaving Flynn in a pickle. Should he forcefully bring her home or should he act on the shocking revelation that has to do with national security?

This piece of fiction is a significant read that indulges readers into understanding the value of veterans’ sacrifices in a nation. Of all the things the author is highlighting, they are very much alive and present, and hopefully, his work will bridge the gap between governments, veterans, and citizens particularly to see them provided with better physical and mental health care while establishing better outreach systems for getting them off the streets. This thought-provoking narration by Dalessandro will most certainly charge readers to the realization that appreciating war veterans goes beyond the words “Thank you for your service.”

“The Othala Rune (Lazarus Flynn Book 2)” is an astoundingly thoughtful and beautiful five-star meditation, that brings people to try to imagine what veterans go through, and their contribution to a nation’s political stability. Its central characters are ex-servicemen who sketch an insanely believable picture of unbalanced governmental systems that need to deal with Veteran’s transition from a life with a uniform to a life without one. Its lines have all the right resonances making this read interesting and enjoyable.

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