“Captain Communicator” by Blaise Hunter

Captain Communicator

Blaise Hunter
Tellwell Talent (2022)
ISBN: 978-0228864257
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (01/2023)

Connection is so innately human, yet we find ourselves struggling to facilitate effective communication, ultimately resulting in the opposite of what we need. We are quick to judge others, negatively react when things don’t go our way and commit “identity fraud” when we mask our authentic selves. Blaise Hunter, the author of “Captain Communicator,” has provided readers with an invaluable gift—the skills necessary to become a next-level communicator.

Each section is representative of all the different hats we wear daily—spouse, parent, friend, co-worker. As a result, our communication styles may vary depending on the situation. Still, we cannot flourish in the abovementioned areas without working on ourselves. Therefore, the author teaches us how to build a solid foundation, including working through past traumas, acknowledging triggers, and, if necessary, changing our narrative, so we are primed to be successful communicators in any situation.

Blaise Hunter did an excellent job capturing my attention with relevant stories and personal experiences. I must commend her level of transparency regarding her struggles with abandonment, feeling alienated from her church community, and facing her traumas after years of masking them. As a reader, this showed me that she was relatable and writing from a place of love rather than proclaiming she was an expert with an unblemished past.

My favorite section, and probably the one that needs the most attention in my life, was the chapter on effective communication in friendships. Like the author, I am a self-proclaimed heart-on-my-sleeve wearer. In the past, friendships have left me hurt, heartbroken, and insecure—all because I hadn’t acquired the skills to be upfront about what I needed from the relationship. The author showed me that setting boundaries, establishing both parties’ communication styles, and (slowly!) revealing vulnerabilities was the key to unlocking a healthy friendship.

For the most part, the book kept my attention with relatable stories and helpful tips. Still, there were moments my interest wavered, particularly in the section about religion. It felt that the author was venting more than offering a solution, thus veering off course. But beyond that, I was immersed in the writing. Overall, the book was brimming with wisdom and practical tips for upping your communication game.

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