“Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” by Gustavo J. Gomez

Hair Loss: Options for Restoration & Reversal

Gustavo J. Gomez, Ph.D.
Halo Publishing International (2022)
ISBN: 978-1637652886
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (1/2023)

Since time began, humans have felt pride, envy, and vain over their or another’s appearance. The way in which someone portrays themselves outwardly toward others strongly impacts first impressions and brings about judgment regarding everything about them. The styles of clothing, hair, makeup, etc. have changed much over the centuries, with the changes being either subtle or severe, but noticeable and capable of changing.

While nearly every part of the human body has the potential to change (thanks to plastic surgery or body augmentations), human hair has the ability to “make or break” someone regarding the length, color, style, etc someone chooses (or not) to present to the world. The feelings associated with a good or a bad hair day are universally felt with, I’m sure it’s safe to say, a unanimous vote for a good hair day every day. What happens when something drastic happens to our hair, such as balding? Infomercials present the newest and most excellent way to regrow your hair, so why not try that? Read Dr. Gomez’s book “Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” and you’ll find out why not.

Dr. Gomez, an award-winning author of medical and business books, with years of experience and drawing from past research presented in the text, meticulously, openly, and honestly delivers everything about human hair. He begins at the logical place to start, the beginning, explaining what hair is composed of, ethnic hair variations, hair-growth cycles, and types of hair classification.

Chapters two and three explain male and female pattern hair loss, educating the reader on researchers who offered their predictions and thoughts, based on the time period, allowing the reader a glimpse into the progress that science, experiments, and research have taken over the decades in regards to hair loss. Chapter four discusses a historical perspective on hair loss treatments and how certain physical and mental issues played a role, with chapters five-eight talking about potential causes, mostly out of our control (think heredity, hormones, aging, etc.). Chapters nine-fifteen discuss surgical and non-surgical treatments that are approved by Dr. Gomez (i.e. implants, hair pieces, laser therapy, stimulants, sprays, shampoos) and end with psychological effects on hair loss. Chapters sixteen-nineteen are about the importance of hygiene and nutrition with hair care, along with the graying hair process and future trends in hair restoration solutions.

Dr. Gomez presents factual information that has been tested and proven, against myths and solutions that seem “too good to be true.” A reader of “Hair Loss,” regardless of their intention for reading it, will finish and leave feeling more knowledgeable about the varying-sized fuzzy mass that sits atop most of our heads, and feel confident in the knowledge learned based on the meticulous research done by Dr. Gomez to present it in a format that flows between topics. The information had me reminiscing about reading through textbooks in college, because of the quantity and quality of information presented and the way in which it reads.

Dr. Gomez understands the importance of hair to us humans and the physical and psychological power it holds; understanding at a better degree more about it and the options available will assist us in feeling more comfortable with what we live with presently and ways of handling future issues if they were to occur – merely allowing more information at our fingertips to allow for planning and feeling prepared! 

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