“Saint Bedouin’s Fruits” by Johannes Cicek

Saint Bedouin’s Fruits

Johannes Çiçek
Cheapest Books (2022)
ISBN: 978-6258196023
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Saint Bedouin’s Fruits” by Johannes Çiçek is a compilation of various thoughts and counsel, focusing on the author’s purpose of “investigating and receiving the Holy Mysteries of Christianity.” Çiçek showcases various writing formats throughout his work, the reader will notice times of storyline, scripture verses from the Bible and hymns interjected, and informational/educational sections served as a commentary of the verses, songs, or other topics, such as biology, layers, senses, hormones, psychology, Christianity, evolution, etc.

Çiçek begins and ends his writing with thought-provoking statements and questions that are unable to be read when distracted – on the contrary – full attention must be placed on the pages in front of you. Other topics explored on the pages include the Saints and their dwelling in a spiritual body in the upper life, along with their relationship with Lucifer and God and how these figures play a role in spiritual and earthly lives.

Depending on the reader’s attitude and philosophy, starting the book will determine their feelings and interpretation about it. This reader did some research about the author and outside information about statements made in the pages, which helped to shed some light on Çiçek’s work. Çiçek is originally from Istanbul and is currently residing in Mexico City, where he is exploring his interest in “investigating the holy mysteries of Christianity and races.” This given information was beneficial for this reader to potentially explain the obvious broken English and sentence structure throughout the book that made comprehension and enjoyability more difficult.

Possibly also due to the lack of sentence structure and poor grammar, was that this reader struggled with finding the break between the various literary formats, such as when it ended its purpose as a storyline and then began to read and feel more factual about biology, psychology, and evolution and how it struggled to make sense with the overall theme of the book. The overall writing and format in its current state is one continuous piece; it would have read better if it were divided into chapters, even mini ones, to distinguish a starting and stopping point of the information presented. Other unclear details include when Çiçek made references that were not mentioned in previous pages, nor followed up on ensuring comprehension from the reader. Examples include when he spoke of knights turning into women, is this a reference to transgenderism?; he referenced what happened to “the twins” more than once, but no talk about them otherwise; and he referenced his previous book, which makes this reader wonder if he’s referring to his other published book, “Jesus Christ: the Theology and Philosophy of Christian”?

If this work is read as one man’s interpretation of theological matters, that is one thing, but if he intends it as truth, there are many examples that are found nowhere in scripture and had this reader confused about – including a reference to having sex with souls, God being displeased with our human image, and Satan being a human being with a wife who is a tailor for embodied souls. This reader understands that there are various ways of interpreting the written language and the art of storytelling, and submits to the possibility of comprehending some of the details incorrectly related to how the author intended it to be or sound to their audience. It presents that Çiçek possesses a passion for this topic, but his execution needs some editing and site-referencing. 

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