“Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus” by Jonathan G. Dean

Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus

Jonathan G. Dean
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 978-1778250408
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“Salt & Light; The Complete Jesus” is a deeply researched publication that attempts to impart understanding and knowledge relating to the existence of an extraordinary human being, Jesus of Nazareth. His personality, works, and words are the backbone of this meticulous read, as substantiated by the Canada-based researcher and award winner, Jonathan G. Dean. This book seeks to reconstruct beliefs and disintegrate confusing information and views about Jesus as professed by diverse religions such as Judaism, Christian, Islam and Buddhism.

Dean dives deep into history critically analyzing dozens of ancient writings and popular academic works in an expedition that readers will establish as worthwhile, commendable, and impressive at the end. The author’s rigorous task gives birth to this much needed publication, full of wit, detail and fact after brilliantly centering his analysis on three major facets of Jesus that keep readers engaged in anticipation and curiosity throughout the thirty-one chapters of this extensive read. His efforts cross boundaries and break biblical parallelism, in order to be effective in separating reality about Jesus from common myths, a pleasurable adventure that makes readers glued to devour this book in one go.

The segments of the book include Dean’s entire research process, methodologies and a sound list of sources, capped with a solid list of references, endnotes, classical art, images and charts, all merging to shape this book into a magnificent Christian masterpiece. The clever inclusion of intriguing questions at the beginning of each chapter prepares readers for the content ahead while ensuring continued anticipation and hope to learn something new with the flipping of every new page.  

“Salt and Light: The Complete Jesus” is a rare eye opener that satisfies readers with impressive knowledge communicated in a clear and lively language, and one that will definitely be grabbed from bookshelves because of its exceptional and well-edited text, and irresistible objective. Dean has set the story right for the most significant figure in history, Jesus of Nazareth, making this a central Christian resource, and a worthy addition in academic research and scholarly work.

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