“An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

An Optimist by Degrees

John E. Madigan
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8415894253
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (01/2023)

“An Optimist by Degrees” is an emotional fictional work by John E. Madigan, that tells of Tom’s quest to uncover secrets and lies that dissipated the company he so selflessly worked for. Full of devastation and anger as he overlooks the old factory, Tom is unable to cope with his biggest challenge of negative emotions, since now he has to piece together a part-time, contract, or temporary job to keep afloat financially.

Just like in many situations where losing a job tends to wear people down mentally and physically, Tom’s case is no different. He has been viewing his job as an extension of his identity, but now despair and hopelessness are kicking in hard. However, as he later asserts, “If truth has no defenders, it will perish.” He finds it difficult to go down without a fight and thereby starts to put in work and time into researching the company’s unfair closure and takeover by a new corporation, with deep anticipation that he will expose errors and corruption effectuated at the expense of hardworking employees. Just like him, these workers had their dreams as well as the right to compensation taken away, only to be left with unfathomable pains and complaints. Tom’s effort sees him meet individuals whose kindness reminds him that good people still exist, a beautiful concept that ushers him to his road to recovery and love, as he relentlessly uncovers deep debauchery.

This volume is a brilliant read that grabs readers on the first page and doesn’t let go until they’ve reached the end of it. It carries enlightening knowledge in a story that showcases the detrimental effects of a prejudiced business takeover on labor and the emotional the toll it has on employees. Its rich and compelling characters draw readers in while giving them insight into the power of human resiliency in overcoming obstacles and moral tests while developing the storyline brilliantly throughout the entire novel. Madigan is a great writer who has made each character’s word choice and syntax sound unique, making readers hold onto each one of them in deep reflection and meditation.

In a world where most workers have found themselves, victims of unprocedural termination of their employment, Madigan has shared priceless information that will revolutionize many mindsets into understanding the right grounds for termination and means of recovery as well as healing in case of such an occurrence. “An Optimist by Degrees” is, without doubt, a five-star masterpiece that will utterly impact the business world positively and is bound to be picked quickly from bookshelves by readers who have had relatable experiences and encounters.

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