“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes

Verelyn the Dastardly

Brandon Baltes
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8839185517
Reviewed by Leigh Kimberly Zoby for Reader Views (02/2023)

“Verelyn the Dastardly” by Brandon Baltes is an epic battle in a fantasy world of good versus evil that takes place between The Risen and The Fallen of death.

The story begins with Casimir having a drunken nightmare. In this vision, an intense battle rages between a grotesque one-eyed creature and Verelyn as he slays the beast while wielding lightning bolts as spears. Upon awakening, Casimir finds himself deep within the caverns of Elixer’s Touch. Unable to recall how he arrived in such a predicament, Casimir shares details of his dream with Verelyn. Verelyn is destined to become Lord of the Fallen and requires the assistance of an apprentice, therefore, hiring Casimir. Casimir learns how to use mystors to build strength, speed, stamina, and how to fight.

As Casimir opens up to Verelyn about further details of his dreams, suspicions arise. The reasons behind Verelyn’s peculiar behavior become apparent as paranoia and fits of rage dominate his mood swings. Verelyn questions if Casimir is a spy sent by Farfidious to bring about an end to Verelyn’s dominion. Obsessive thoughts of being betrayed haunt his unsettled mind. Chaos ensues into a battle-filled adventure full of twists and turns and unique characters.

Brandon Baltes writing style and attention to detail are second to none. Every inch of this world is so vividly drawn for the reader that it is impossible not to completely submerge into this fantasy. The gore is disgustingly real, and there are a lot of scenes involving vomit written with sound effects. I will not look at the color green the same again. Ever. This kind of descriptive word usage sends this story shooting for the stars. I have never read a story this imaginative with such an expanse of detail. It’s amazing.  

The characters are unique with well-developed personalities and backstories that set them apart from one another. The villains are fun to hate and also oddly care about. I found myself rooting for both sides at separate times. I even felt sorry for a creature or two. I enjoyed getting into the mind of the characters, especially Verelyn. The dream scene banter was comical at times.

Overall, I had a really good time reading “Verelyn the Dastardly. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an adventure of a read. 

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