“A Whisper in the Shadows” by Scott Macfadyen

A Whisper in the Shadows

Scott Macfadyen
Tellwell Talent (2022)
ISBN: 978-0-2288-8278-7
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (03/2023)

In A Whisper in the Shadows, author Scott Macfadyen has created a very enjoyable, albeit very short, read that is exciting from the first page to the last and I would recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys a great mystery or action-filled story.

On the first page, we meet Layla, a very dedicated wife and mother, and a very strong female lead to the story. Layla has a past that her family knows nothing about and she would very much like to keep it that way. As she and her husband Matt sit in the living room planning a family vacation for their daughter, the phone rings and Layla’s past appears front and center. Her “uncle” Tony has been shot and left for dead and the doctors want Layla there as soon as possible since she is listed as his next of kin.

What follows is eighty-five thrilling pages as Layla returns to her life on the streets as a professional hit woman, determined to find out who shot the man who saved her so many years ago, why, and to make sure the guilty party pays. Sending her husband and daughter away on their vacation to keep them safe, Layla goes “home” and after that, the action never stops until the very last page, which came way too soon for this reader.

I love a story that catches you on page one and keeps you enthralled until the final page and this is definitely one of those. I also adore a lead female character that is strong, smart, and lets nothing get in her way when she is determined, and Layla is undeniably just that kind of character. I honestly wasn’t expecting the depth of the plot that was presented given the length of the book, but I have to say that this author really succeeded. The reader is able to stay involved throughout. There are so many surprising twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages in order to find out what could possibly be next.

It is very well-written and the characters, each one of them, are such a huge part of the story. Even when the story may seem a bit confusing, and I quickly realized that was done on purpose, you are drawn in without realizing it… that, in my opinion, is excellent writing. If I had to give one criticism about the book, it would be that it could have used another round of proofreading before publication, but this in no way takes away from the plot or the exciting read.

A Whisper in the Shadows is the type of book that makes you want more from this author and, hopefully, more about this character. Perhaps next time we could get a longer story. If Mr. Macfadyen could keep up these amazing twists and turns in the storyline, a longer novel about Layla would be just a joy to read. Excellent job and I really do hope to see more from this author in the future. I just became a big fan and I think you will too!!

One thought on ““A Whisper in the Shadows” by Scott Macfadyen

  1. Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words.

    I am pleased to say that Layla will be returning in a full 50k+ novel in the near future as it is currently in the proofing stage of my first draft.

    I hope that you and everyone get to enjoy the wild ride that is in store for Layla in The Whisper in the Shadows book, and the continuing adventures in book number 2 of The Whisper Chronicles which I hope to have out sometime this summer.


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