“Finding a Path” by Beau Pillot

Finding a Path: A Guide for a Challenging World

Beau Pillot
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN Number: 979-8371511157
Reviewed by Kenneth Onyenwe for Reader Views (03/2023)

The first thing that caught my attention was this book’s cover, which shows through stunning illustrations, a chasm between the primitive and the modern man. Immediately, I knew there were comparisons and analyses to be consumed and was eager to dive in. This book is a gift to the author’s 18-year-old self and the sacrifices of our ancestors that paved the way to the life of bliss we enjoy today. In “Finding a Path: A Guide for a Challenging World,” Beau Pillot discourses mastery, strength, courage, and honor as the four pillars needed to become the best version of ourselves.

I related to much of the content in this book. When the author was discussing the level of attention men and women get, he noted women get more attention than men and made mention of the Chibok girls’ abduction in Nigeria. I agree with the author on this because I can attest to the level of attention given to this issue. Being a Nigerian who was in the country in 2014, when the incident happened, it went so viral that a single day did not pass by for months without one seeing the Chibok girls’ news on TV.

Another thing the author wrote about that I have experienced in my life and can relate to is that of failing to keep my part of the bargain when my prayers are answered. When the author was supporting combat operations in Iraq, he prayed to God to see him through, promising to be a model and live a good life. God answered, but he is still struggling to keep his part of the bargain. We are truly all a work in progress.

The author offers doable suggestions and relates to the reader through his personal experiences to describe how to achieve success in all areas of their lives. I found the reading fulfilling. “Finding a Path” not only gives hints on how to find one’s voice; it also gives financial advice on the things to do to stay out of debt, which was of particular interest to me. The author did justice to the title of this book. Every illustration and quote gave me a lot to think about. My takeaway quote is “No one is coming to save you…No one else is going to give you anything…You have to work for it… In all things… Anonymous”

The author packs a lot of information into a concise book, that is well-researched and documented. I recommend “Finding a Path: A Guide for a Challenging World,” to anyone struggling to find their voice amid the chaos of this modern world. This book is also a good read for teenagers and young adults beginning to make their way in the world.

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