“The White Colossus” by Enne Baker

The White Colossus

Enne Baker
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 979-8561977497
Reviewed by Diana Lopez for Reader Views (03/2023)

Discovering the truth about life can be a slow and painful process. It requires introspection, self-reflection, and a willingness to confront uncomfortable or painful truths. Reaching acceptance can be even more challenging. In his small collection of verses, “The White Colossus,” Enne Baker expresses these ideas through his personal experiences. He uses various writing styles, including melodious words and free verse, to touch on profound ideas such as feeling lost, the expectations of life, and social interactions. He encompasses a wide variety of concepts, such as life, death, and pain. Through his emotionally charged poems, Baker invites us to reflect on ourselves and everything around us. He offers us the opportunity for introspection and a deeper understanding of the complexities of the world.

Enne Baker possesses a creative mind and an original perspective of the world. His poetry style is descriptive, which I find appealing since it allows me to clearly imagine the environments and situations he has experienced. He expresses how various sensations affect his body and mind through small ideas, which makes it easy to empathize with his words. What I appreciate the most about his work is the honesty and realism in his verses. He openly shares his pain without the fear of being judged, and he acknowledges that some emotional wounds take time and effort to heal. “Scrabble” is my favorite text because Baker not only provides more details about his experience, but he also shares a small anecdote about his life. I would like there to have been more works like this in this anthology.

The author’s authenticity in his poetry is refreshing and makes his work relatable, despite the complex nature of “The White Colossus.” Often using metaphorical language and leaving some ideas open to interpretation, this poetry can be difficult for some readers. Especially as the themes are focused on an audience that has experienced conflicts and disappointments. As a result, I recommend “The White Colossus” for an audience versed in poetry. Nonetheless, because of its short size and variety of themes, the anthology is perfect for spending some wonderful moments reflecting on human nature.

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