“The Broken Bridge” by Iris March

The Broken Bridge: A Succulent Sleuth Cozy Mystery

Iris March
Wandering Gingko Press (2022)
ISBN: 979-8985918212
Reviewed by Jen Oliver-Rigsby for Reader Views (03/2023)

“The Broken Bridge” introduces readers to Molly, one of the three family members who inherited a plant store from their grandmother, who gets caught up in a mystery involving a runner on the trail behind the plant store. Molly, her twin Mia, and their family members try to help the police in attempting to figure out what happened to a missing runner, a broken bridge, and a found earring. Will Molly and her family be able to solve the mystery before Molly loses her life?

“The Broken Bridge” is a great debut cozy mystery. It has likeable main characters along with several sub characters who have their own unique personalities. Molly is a strong lead and this book shows the great connections that she has with her employees and family members, even including her cousin, Shannon who is not the easiest to like. There are enough twists and suspects to add to the mystery of the runner and the broken bridge. The only complaint that this reader has is that there was not enough of an explanation as to the “why” of what happened to the runner and the suspect. A little bit more of an explanation of the history would be beneficial to the story and would make it stronger.

The setting is perfect and slightly unique. This reader does not know of any other cozy mystery series that are set within a plant store with middle-aged owners who are the ones that are looking for clues. The small town plant shop is relatable to many readers and addresses the climate change issues without being in your face about the issues. The setting also includes a known long trail in Ohio that is explained in the story and exists in the real world.

Overall, “The Broken Bridge” is a fun cozy mystery. It has everything a cozy mystery reader will enjoy and what makes a cozy, cozy. It is shorter than most other cozies but it really is not missing much that other mysteries have in their books. It is also the perfect book for a non-cozy mystery reader to start with if they are interested in reading one. It is a great example of a cozy mystery.

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