“Beyond the Sea” by Nina Purtee

Beyond the Sea

Nina Purtee
Page Publishing, Inc. (2023)
ISBN: 979-8886546125
Reviewed by Stephanie Elizabeth Long for Reader Views (05/23)

After a recent tragedy that sends Annie into a cycle of guilt and uncertainty, her grandfather offers her the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sail his ship on an exciting voyage. Her grandfather insists that this is exactly what Annie needs to lift her spirits and provide a renewed sense of direction in her life. So naturally, she relishes her voyage’s idyllic sights and culture; Annie even finds time for two romantic suitors! She is pursued by a handsome matador, Ramone, and a gentle Moroccan man with mesmerizing eyes, El Amir. Still, swooning aside, Annie wonders if she is letting romance distract her from the real reason for her adventure—searching for news on her diplomat father, who has been missing for two years.

Annie quickly discovers her intended sea voyage has turned into something else altogether. Relying on her gut instincts, she accepts opportunities to travel all over the globe in hopes of finding answers about her father while gaining a greater understanding of herself.

“Beyond the Sea: Annie’s Journey into the Extraordinary” by Nina Purtee is an immersive story brimming with culture and adventure—plus plenty of swoon-worthy moments for romance enthusiasts. Twenty-six-year-old Annie embarks on a life-changing sea voyage that she hopes will give her direction and closure. With an impressive ever-changing landscape, readers should be prepared to be whisked away to Spain, Morocco, Scotland, and the Greek Islands, to name a few!

I enjoyed the book’s sense of adventure, bolstered by Annie’s free spirit. Propelled by the need for clarity, she willingly followed her heart and never let fear get in the way. As a reader, I was fully immersed in the number of exotic locations Annie traversed. Thanks to the author’s vivid descriptions, it was easy to be transported there. I could taste the delectable Moroccan cuisine, envision the majestic wildlife in Tanzania, and feel the wind whipping through my hair on an exhilarating hot air balloon ride. However, my favorite was the vibrancy of Thailand, which filled my heart with excitement and longing to travel.

Beyond the exotic locations, Annie had a mystery to solve. The author didn’t disappoint, sprinkling breadcrumbs throughout to keep me guessing what had become of her father. Meeting comrades of her father’s and unearthing secret letters had me voraciously devouring every page, trying to uncover the truth! Moreover, Annie’s plight regarding two romantic suitors highlighted the complexities and perils of love. How could she think clearly when her heart was so conflicted?

Annie was a well-rounded character, and I particularly enjoyed her introspective nature. The young woman’s journal was a clever illustration of her thoughts. What did she hope to find on her journey? Who could she trust? Entries with musings and existential questioning gave me a clear understanding of Annie’s internal dialogue, giving the story another layer of dimension. Moreover, every journal entry illustrated her growth and evolution.

Overall, I was enthralled by Annie’s adventure. The author’s ability to paint a beautiful picture with her words transported me to remote locations. I gleaned facts about sailing and other cultures, and Annie was a likable protagonist. If you’re looking for a book to provide the ultimate escape, don’t miss out on this one. It will surely fill you with the longing to travel!

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