“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox

Kings of Unitas

Kyle Cox
Palmetto Publishing (2023)
ISBN: ‎ 979-8987449547
Reviewed by: Ephantus M. for Reader Views (05/23)

“Courage does not always roar. Valor does not always shine”- Tomi Adeyemi.

“Kings of Unitas” by Kyle Cox pivots around the world of Hemel, whose wizard domination has disseminated much-needed vibrancy, security, and magnificence to the region. Among the most treasured natural entities are the invaluable exotic vegetables that provided wizards with a sharp mental focus, which was critical for the sustenance of Hemel’s outstanding plenitude.

As readers savor the gorgeous vistas of the region, the author is quick in his reveal of a well-kept secret among the wizards’ circle and its unfathomable consequence that saw a specific species’ survival threatened, and the effectiveness of their magical abilities challenged. Readers will interact with a desperate class of individuals who require an urgent getaway from unbearable repudiation, denunciation, and quarrels within their society. The group’s resounding torment, heartfelt despair, and sorrows will have readers wish that freedom would be birthed quickly, particularly after approaching one of the greatest wizards of Hemel, Unite, for supernatural assistance. 

Resonant themes of disloyalty and conflict are well pronounced as reading advances, with a few characters endeavoring to employ manipulative techniques for dominance gain over others. Among the most nerve-wracking instants is when two close and richly endowed wizards turn on each other, threatening the newly found peace and liberation with unbridled mysticism and fierce outrage. Readers will nonetheless encounter a few other characters who are brutally honest and brave in the face of catastrophic friction. The author has aptly called out specific traits such as egotism and deceit, remarkably and firmly making the novel a suitable moral compass for young minds.

Overall, “Kings of Unitas” meets the threshold of a five-star classic fantasy novel that comprises high-stakes conflicts, dark themes of wizardly and magic, powerful supervillains, and obscure elements. It is a simple and straight-up read that stimulates imagination, and which enthusiasts of fantasy will find epic and spellbinding. Its characters bring their unique personalities to the tropes and cliches of the genre, and no matter how many times they appear, readers will not get enough of the action they bring.

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