“Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind” by Ronan James Cassidy

“Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind” is a taut rendition by Ronan James Cassidy that artfully mirrors 19th-century America. It’s the year 1859, and America is on the brink of the brutal Civil War. On a cold hibernal night on February 24th, in the woods of the Carolina midlands, Margaret Anne was born in a hidden cabin. As an illegitimate daughter to a Haitian woman, Miss Jeanne, and a wealthy plantation owner, Mr. Edward Calhoun, Margaret was determined to survive against all odds. … More “Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind” by Ronan James Cassidy

“A Portion of Malice” by Lloyd Jeffries

“A Portion of Malice” is the first book in the newest thrilling series known as “Ages of Malice,” and the debut novel from Lloyd Jeffries, that will likely keep you on the edge of your seat, or at least antsy as you sit comfortably in your favorite reading spot. Set between Biblical and modern times, the story begins with the reader being drawn in by mysterious happenings expected to be found in later pages. “A Portion of Malice” would be categorized in the Christian fiction genre, still, the reader will find similarities in artistic styles to that of author Dan Brown and American film director, Quentin Tarantino – while not initially seeming to go together, they surprisingly work. … More “A Portion of Malice” by Lloyd Jeffries

“Alaskan Escape” by Maryann Landers

Bill and Grace are not your average suburban parents. They didn’t stop at the traditional 2.3 children, having 5 kids instead. They also don’t go to high-rise offices or retail stores for their workday. No, they act in the movies with trained wild animals. Their log cabin home features a garden of rocks painted with a beloved Bible verse. Societal norms are not a part of this family’s structure. So, I knew going into this read that this unique family was going to take me on an unusual adventure.

Loosely based on actual events, I became fascinated by Bill, Grace, and their children as they left their former careers and their home to jump into the insanity of Alaskan commercial fishing. If my husband started a conversation with “I’ve always wanted to be an Alaskan fisherman…” let’s just say the conversation would have turned out differently than that of Bill and Grace. … More “Alaskan Escape” by Maryann Landers

“The Betrayal” by Doug Dorsey

“The Betrayal” is a blistering novel by award-winning author Doug Dorsey in the Christian Sci-fi and fantasy genre. As a trilogy opener in the “Blue Lotus Project”, the story is set in a devastated world that has experienced large-scale and violent events such as earthquakes and fires reducing a huge part of the habitable land to two continents, North and South America. … More “The Betrayal” by Doug Dorsey

“Seeking Tranquility” by Amy Schisler

“Seeking Tranquility” is the story of hope in the face of adversity, of finding rare minerals amid commonality, of good versus evil. Christy and Molly are sisters, learning how to navigate life now that their parents passed unexpectedly. Christy is an attractive and attentive twenty-four-year-old who had her whole life to live but chose the only option she knew – to end everything and take care of her preteen sister, Molly. The two moved from the D.C. area to an island where their parents had a home; Christy is living reminiscent of a single mom – working two jobs and having zero down time for herself. Molly, on the other hand, makes life more interesting, and at times stressful, when her above-average intellectual abilities comes to light. … More “Seeking Tranquility” by Amy Schisler

“The Gift of Gracie” by Amy Heyman

“The Gift of Gracie,” by Amy Heyman is the story of Gracie Hubbard, who, at three years old, fell off the swing playing with her brother in the backyard. Unfortunately, Gracie landed on her head, sustaining a serious head injury that left her mentally altered thereafter. Her family often referred to her as simple-minded and they were extremely protective of her. Even to the point of stifling her at times, but nothing was going to stop Gracie from wanting to experience new things while she was growing up. … More “The Gift of Gracie” by Amy Heyman

“A Saint for Any Season” by D.M. Langdon

D.M. Langdon is the author of seven books, all containing words of spiritual wisdom. She is a spiritualist medium and psychic who gets all her information from the spirit world. Her belief is that she is just a scribe and a vessel for sharing wisdom.

Her book “A Saint for Any Season” is centered around the life of a saint who shares what his faith has taught him. … More “A Saint for Any Season” by D.M. Langdon

“Kenosis” by Matt McCracken

“Kenosis” by Matt McCracken delves into the thorny subjects of faith and religion. Centered on the life and trials of an Episcopal reverend, it explores an unusual friendship between a man of the cloth and a convicted felon who is doing time. In each other, they find a connection that transcends the disparities between the stations in their lives, and Reverend Amos Richardson is touched and forever changed by his interaction with Jess. … More “Kenosis” by Matt McCracken

“Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall” by Terry Overton

Elaine Smith is a widow who lives in a beautiful seaside town. She has always had a gift for writing, but even her friends doubt that the Christian devotional content Elaine prefers will ever earn her any money or recognition. As Elaine and her friends hunker down for a category three hurricane, they have no idea just how much this storm is about to supernaturally impact their lives and the lives of people all across the United States. As unforeseen connections, spiritual healing, and miracles take place in the wake of the storm, so too does the peace and encouragement that one can only find in the midst of such devastation. … More “Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall” by Terry Overton

“Fields of Fire” by Ryan Steck

“Fields of Fire” left me sleepless. This breathtaking debut thriller features Matthew Redd, a tough battle-hardened Marine Raider. In the span of a few days, he loses everything that holds meaning for him. Matt faces facts that don’t ring true as he deals with the shame, defeat, and complete despair over these losses. Now he’s got some tough decisions to make. … More “Fields of Fire” by Ryan Steck