“The Reunion” by Raj Velamoor

Are memories a shared experience? Do friendships endure over time? Do we make our circumstances or are we made by them? “The Reunion” is a coming of age, enlightening novel by Raj Velamoor that follows the life of six friends who grew up together in Hyderabad, India, and decide to have a reunion after fifty-five years apart. … More “The Reunion” by Raj Velamoor

“Limestone Waters” by John McMahon

Limestone Waters John McMahonGatekeeper Press (2021)ISBN: 978-1662914027Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021) “Limestone Waters,” takes place in the mid-1980s in northwest New Jersey. Michael Walsh is stumbling through life as a Vietnam Vet with undiagnosed PTSD. His closest friends and one nemesis all went to high school and then on to Vietnam together. … More “Limestone Waters” by John McMahon

“Cape Henry House” by Jolly Walker Bittick

Based on true events, the story is genuine and appealing and I knew from the start “Cape Henry House” was going to be a laugh and a wild ride. In that, it does not disappoint. The author writes from a place of blissful nostalgia as he portrays an authentic recollection of events through his narrator, Petty Officer Third Class Bosner. As a reader, you can feel the author’s delight in reminiscing about these times through his protagonist. … More “Cape Henry House” by Jolly Walker Bittick

“The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

Eddie Andrews is fifteen years old and dealing with typical teenage angst. Unfortunately, he often lets his anger get out of hand when dealing with common issues. Without intending to, Eddie attracts the attention of a mischievous wizard named Murkles. The wizard sees promise in Eddie and is determined to help him overcome his anger and discover some magical talents in which he was unaware that he had. … More “The Ring of Truth” by Peter Pactor

“This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…” by Marisa Billions

Not very often does a book take readers on such an emotional rollercoaster than that within “This Too Shall Pass” by Marisa Billions. A little bit coming of age and finding one’s self, and a little bit familial drama, the life of Eva is packed into this fast-paced read. … More “This Too Shall Pass…A mother will do anything to save her son…” by Marisa Billions