“An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“An Optimist by Degrees” is an emotional fictional work by John E. Madigan, that tells of Tom’s quest to uncover secrets and lies that dissipated the company he so selflessly worked for. Full of devastation and anger as he overlooks the old factory, Tom is unable to cope with his biggest challenge of negative emotions, since now he has to piece together a part-time, contract, or temporary job to keep afloat financially. … More “An Optimist by Degrees” by John E. Madigan

“The Man Who Screams at Nightfall and Other Stories” by Rush Leaming

In this collection of eclectic short stories, author Rush Leaming takes the literary world by its reins by diving into the supernatural, the unsettling, and even the daring human scenarios to present readers with a unique panorama of a world most intriguing. Based on true events, Leaming’s short stories transverse across continents in countries such as The Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand, Greece, Spain, and America bringing together experiences that range from themes such as loneliness, guilt, redemption, nostalgia, loss and love. … More “The Man Who Screams at Nightfall and Other Stories” by Rush Leaming

“Fifty-Three Tuesdays” by GK Nakata

“Love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes we go out searching for what we think we want and we end up with what we’re supposed to have.”- Kate McGahan.

There’s no place this saying fits best than in Author Nakata’s iconoclastic novel, “Fifty-Three Tuesdays”. At a young age, Glenn Forrester witnessed the brutality of his father firsthand and his mother’s consequent act of suicide. Even with these tragic memories eked in his mind, he works out a successful career with an upward trajectory to become a high-profile member of the mayor’s cabinet and his trusted advisor in community affairs. When he is suddenly outflanked by the sitting mayor and orders given not to have him employed within the city, he feels like a nobody at fifty-four years of age. … More “Fifty-Three Tuesdays” by GK Nakata

“Just City” by Olga Tymofiyeva

Nathan is in need of $10,000 to enter his idea into a startup incubator competition. Alongside his friends, he agrees to be a tester for his neuroscientist grandmother’s new virtual reality game, Just City. In what he hoped would help him make a quick buck, Just City changes the trajectory of his friendships, his life motto, and his relationships. Through the game, Nathan is placed in the body of a homeless man. This experience changes his perspective, teaching him empathy and causing him to reassess his friendships and views on the world, and ultimately leading him to change directions on his startup idea. … More “Just City” by Olga Tymofiyeva

“No Unpaid Passengers” by Pam R. Johnson Davis

Saturated with emotional rawness and heartfelt prose, “No Unpaid Passengers” is a poetry text written by award-winning poet, Pam R. Johnson Davis. With a richness of raw energy and metaphors that help articulate what often is hard to put into words, this collection spins across subjects such as the joy of new beginnings, hope, loneliness, longing, nostalgia, love, racism, death, and friendship, Davis’ voice ensures an unparalleled lyricism that is bound to reach into the inner depths of any reader’s soul. … More “No Unpaid Passengers” by Pam R. Johnson Davis

“The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

Still reeling over the crash and burn of her last relationship with a bad boy type, ER intern Kate finds herself caring for a long-haired, tattooed stranger who suffered a drug-induced affliction. Touching him makes every inch of her tingle, and she knows she should run (far away), but when he shows up a few months later at her friend’s dinner party, she can’t stop the magnetic pull of his brooding stare.

Kate is entirely too good for him: Fabian knows he should stick to his kind—self-destructive and damaged. Still, there’s something about Kate’s golden hair and the glimmer of mischief in her beautiful blue eyes he finds irresistible. He wants to give her the world, but his past always seems to find a way to ruin a good thing.

Will the fiery lust survive the stark differences in their lives? Read and find out. … More “The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

“The 6 Phase Meditation Method” by Vishen Lakhiani

“The 6 Phase Meditation Method” is a comprehensive guide which employs both the physical and emotional health benefits of meditation in an updated manner to fit today’s lifestyles. Lakhiani’s straightforward approach takes away the intimidation behind an ancient practice, modernizing it into a program anyone can follow. … More “The 6 Phase Meditation Method” by Vishen Lakhiani

“Tree S.T.A.R.S.: Dominion” by Edward Morrow

“Tree S.T.A.R.S: Dominion” is an exquisite read by Edward Morrow, a skilled arborist who has been affirmed by the International Society of Arboriculture. His delight and ardor for modern arboriculture has motivated him to pen this collection in an effort to appreciate and bring awareness to the uninformed populace about tree care heroes whose valuable science, art, and practice stays requisite to the modern society.   … More “Tree S.T.A.R.S.: Dominion” by Edward Morrow

“Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi

The highs and lows of dating are well detailed in this contemporary love story about Taylor and Jamie—two strangers who match on a dating app. Made up of exclusively texts and emails exchanged between the pair, the story comes to life as the reader peruses the messages—interpreting the tone and filling in the details where necessary. The author has cleverly kept the names androgynous, so readers can attach whatever gender they choose to the characters.

Are Taylor and Jamie truly a match? Will sparks fly, or will they swipe left and keep searching?

“Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi is refreshingly unconventional—boasting an intriguing storyline with quirky but lovable characters whose playful banter transforms into meaningful conversation. It is a story that reflects our dependence on technology and one that will resonate with anyone who sought love through online dating. … More “Stranger in Love” by Teymour Shahabi

“Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White

“Cause For Elimination” is a murder mystery with a touch of romance based in the distinguished world of competitive horse show jumping. Equestrian Emily Conners arrives at the barn early one morning to discover renowned horse trainer Pamela Yates in a stall with her head bashed in. After some investigation by Detective Justin Butler, it is determined this was not a horse related accident but a gruesome murder. With a long list of motives and possible suspects Detective Butler and Ms. Conners set out to unravel the dark secrets and dirty deals behind Ms. Yates’ murder. … More “Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White