“Him & I” by Alyssa Milani

Told in three parts, this huge book (well over eight hundred pages) could actually be made into a trilogy. I am happy it wasn’t, though, because it enabled me to read all three sections at once. Author Alyssa Milani created a very realistic story that captures the essence of who we are as we go through our various stages of life. … More “Him & I” by Alyssa Milani

“Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“Comfort Zone” by the award-winning author Kimberly Fish, is a highly entertaining and absorbing novel about Anna and Jack, who’s “running” eventually leads them smack into a brick wall that they, themselves, have built. But by letting a friendship grow, and working together with common interests, they find satisfaction in one another. … More “Comfort Zone” by Kimberly Fish

“Animal Attraction” by Kathryn Halberg

This romance really does have a lot going for it. It is paced well. The characters are interesting and make for a great triangle as they all have flaws and are not coming across as picture perfect. That makes the story seem more like real-life as opposed to some romance novels where everyone is rich, perfect, and have no worries whatsoever. The supporting cast is also very well-written; the females come across as being supportive of each other and truly caring instead of making that impression while quietly stabbing each other in the back. In many novels, this is the case, so these relationships between the characters seem truly genuine and a nice change from the normal. … More “Animal Attraction” by Kathryn Halberg

“Grydscaen: Dark” by Natsuya Uesugi

When I began this adventure, I walked through the darkness in a place called the Echelons. There, I witnessed a crime—an insider tip about the stock market that’s top secret was being handed out. This data causes a hacker (certainly we all know that term by now), named Jester, to dive into a game of high intelligence and out-of-this-world tech. As the author moves forward to piece together a plot that involves everything from politics to the stock market to illegal cover-ups happening at the highest levels, another hacker—a teen by the name of Rom—is brought in by Jester and given a mission to cause as much chaos as possible inside brokerage houses. … More “Grydscaen: Dark” by Natsuya Uesugi

“The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

The amount of emotion this debut has is enthralling. Honestly, there are not many firsts that can deliver so much love, secrets, friendship, risks, pain, betrayals… and the list goes on, that hold your attention from beginning to end. The author wrote a tale that literally allowed me to move through time. She allowed me to cry, laugh, and feel the goosebumps grow as I read and waited for the next thing to be unveiled. … More “The Sound of Wings” by Suzanne Simonetti

“The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen

To reveal a single detail would be revealing too many. What I can say is that when you look at the romance genre there are true masters of the art. (Nora Roberts, anyone?) With few exceptions, romance novels tend to follow the same “formula” that has been put in place for decades; they rarely take a mysterious turn or break away from the norm. … More “The Night I Found You” by Noelle Bensen