“Praesidium” by McKinley Aspen

Praesidium is the story of Kathryn Bek, or Kate, as she is known. Kate has just graduated from college and meets Raphael, a mysterious man who offers her the perfect job in New York City. While Kate thinks that she is being hired for her degree in marketing, it turns out that Raphael is hiring her for a different reason. Instead of sitting behind a desk, this wonderful character finds out that she has special powers she did not know about and is plunged, along with the rest of the new team, into a world of mystery, magic, and outright mayhem as she discovers these new talents. In addition, Kate’s past comes front and center, since the key to saving herself and the world apparently lies in the secrets of her past and her family. … More “Praesidium” by McKinley Aspen

“Murder Garden” by Ron Fritsch

“Murder Garden” by Ron Fritsch is a captivating murder mystery set in the suburbs of Chicago shortly after the decriminalization of homosexuality in the 1960s. Successful banker Ted Linden returns home one evening to find his teenage lover Warren Hadley dead in the backyard with his throat slit. The night before the murder, Darrel Hadley, Warren’s hot-headed brother, openly threatens Warren, demanding he return to the family farm. Homophobic and prejudiced attitudes within the Chicago Police Department complicate the investigation. Lead Detective Tim Conway must look past the roadblocks of preconceived ideas to the clues in order to discover the guilty party.  … More “Murder Garden” by Ron Fritsch

“Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White

“Cause For Elimination” is a murder mystery with a touch of romance based in the distinguished world of competitive horse show jumping. Equestrian Emily Conners arrives at the barn early one morning to discover renowned horse trainer Pamela Yates in a stall with her head bashed in. After some investigation by Detective Justin Butler, it is determined this was not a horse related accident but a gruesome murder. With a long list of motives and possible suspects Detective Butler and Ms. Conners set out to unravel the dark secrets and dirty deals behind Ms. Yates’ murder. … More “Cause For Elimination” by Marla A. White

“Moose Willow Mystery” by Terri Martin

“Moose Willow Mystery” introduces readers to Janese Trout, an administrator at the local community college, who gets herself wrapped up into a mystery of disappearing people, a possible Bigfoot, and trying to maintain control of her life despite her mother. Janese is in charge of the community’s igloo building contest and that alone causes a stir among citizens; people accusing others of cheating. This leads to a strange murder, and Janese’s best friend, State Trooper Bertie, is off to investigate. Meanwhile, a stranger comes into town…to only find them gone. Can Janese help Bertie figure out what is going on in the Upper Michigan town Moose Willow before it is too late? … More “Moose Willow Mystery” by Terri Martin

“A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery” by Diane Wing

“A Winter’s Tail” is an adorable story in the cozy mystery genre which follows Autumn Clarke and her precious Shih Tzu Chrissy while they plan a wedding and solve a murder. Chrissy, the somewhat telepathic pup, has a knack for discovering cadavers in the most unlikely places. In this case, Chrissy digs out the body of local Psychologist, Angela Curry, buried deep within a snow drift just across the street from the store Autumn was shopping. Autumn’s fiancé, Detective Ray Reed and his K-9 Ace head up the investigation, following leads as the story twists and turns spotlighting numerous suspects and motives. Unfortunately, being a small-town a large number of wedding guests are on the suspect list, complicating both the business and personal lives of Autumn and Ray.  … More “A Winter’s Tail: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery” by Diane Wing

“The Russian Doll” by Owen Thomas

Okay…. to all mystery fans out there…. Mack is back!! And I, for one, am so incredibly happy about that. Raymond Mackey is one of the best characters out there in the literary world and Owen Thomas does not disappoint in giving readers a second installment about the life of this wonderful, troubled, still grieving policeman, who reminds me of an old 50s cop in one of those wonderful TV shows or movies from days past. … More “The Russian Doll” by Owen Thomas

“Arbitrary and Capricious” by Jim Lively

“Arbitrary and Capricious by Jim Lively is a fun mystery that is full of many twists and turns that make the reader wonder if the main character has a clue what he is up against or how to figure it out. The conspiracy that the book is centered on is quite despicable and, for our main character, downright dangerous. It all ties together nicely and makes for a really enjoyable read. … More “Arbitrary and Capricious” by Jim Lively

“Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller” by Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.

“Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery” by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr. is a heart-rate-inducing, nail-biting novella with plenty of twists and turns to engage readers. At only seventy pages, the thrilling action commences immediately after the first line. Stealthy pursuits and cat-and-mouse chase scenes further elevate the intensity. If you’re craving a clever, fast-paced whodunit sprinkled with the sarcasm of a snarky detective, this book will deliver! … More “Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller” by Miguel Angel Hernandez, Jr.

“Not Me! Speluncaphobia, Secrets and Hidden Treasure” by Charlotte Stuart

There is nothing this reader loves more than a cup of coffee, a comfortable chair, and a good cozy mystery to read. In the case of Charlotte Stuart’s new book, “Not Me! Speluncaphobia, Secrets and Hidden Treasure,” I had that and more. This is the third book in her series about Bryn Baczek and her wonderful cat Macavity and it does not disappoint. On a side note, I think that Macavity is just a fabulous character. Even though he has no actual voice, so to speak, the reader always knows what he is thinking and that adds a wonderful bit of humor to the story… … More “Not Me! Speluncaphobia, Secrets and Hidden Treasure” by Charlotte Stuart