“Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima

“Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima is the sixth installment in one of the most captivating K9 series I have ever read. Mattie, Cole, and Robo are back in action and things are getting interesting. Mattie has recently discovered her long lost family and has connected with them. … More “Hanging Falls” by Margaret Mizushima

“Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay

“Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay is three stories in one. There is the “obsessed ex-husband still smitten by his ex despite his behavior” story. There is the “ex-wife and new husband living on the Canadian border on an island and raising their incredibly bright ten-year-old son who does not look like either of his parents” story. Then there is the “quirky ten-year-old boy living with his family on the island and his unusual fascination with stars” story. … More “Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay

“Trick-or-Doggy Treat: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery

“Trick-or-Doggy Treat” by Diane Wing is a well-written, intense mystery and detective novel. Initially, when I picked it up I thought, based on the cover and the silly title, it would be a modern-day Scooby Doo kind of mystery book. I could not have been more wrong. … More “Trick-or-Doggy Treat: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Cozy Mystery

“The Secret of Rosalita Flats” by Tim W. Jackson

“The Secret of Rosalita Flats,” by Tim W. Jackson, is the perfect paradise to sweep you away. Jackson’s novel has all the ingredients you need if you’re looking for great escapism, good plotting, and interesting characters and relationships found in this humorous romantic suspense story. The author writes with a sense of humor that lends itself well to the themes of sand, surf, and tropical sensuality. … More “The Secret of Rosalita Flats” by Tim W. Jackson