“The Avaricious” by JoAnn Fastoff

“The Avaricious,” continues the Howard Watson Intrigue series by JoAnn Fastoff. Black market entrepreneurs acquire insane wealth from the collection and sale of the millions of land mines that were left behind in places like Vietnam. COMING THIS FALL! … More “The Avaricious” by JoAnn Fastoff

“When You Leave Me” by Susan Wingate

Susan Wingate is a gifted writer. With her powerful prose and storytelling prowess, “When You Leave Me,” captured my attention as soon as I started reading. I instantly felt a connection to this place and the people. I really enjoyed getting caught up in both the vibrant descriptions of the island and the cast of quirky characters. … More “When You Leave Me” by Susan Wingate

“Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

It started at Lubos. The noxious smell, Winsey’s relentless chatter, and the gargoyle at the end of the bar who was eyeballing you. You’d politely asked Winsey to shut the eff up (you have Aspergers, and thus, no filter) because her complaining bordered on petulance, and you’d had enough. After saying goodbye, you fled the bar, looking forward to a quiet night at home, binge-watching Law & Order for the umpteenth time and snuggling with your overweight cat. The next thing you know, your phone is lit up by the sheriff, demanding that you come down to the station because Winsey is dead and you’re the number one suspect. … More “Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

“Dead Man’s Pose” by Susan Rogers and John Roosen

“Dead Man’s Pose” is the first installment of Susan Rogers’ and John Roosen’s new murder mystery series, Yoga Mat Mysteries. Elaina Williams is a popular yoga teacher who enjoys bringing peace and balance into peoples’ lives. One day, she is horrified to find one of her yoga students, Mario Vincente, dead after attending one of her sessions. It soon becomes apparent that Mario’s death was no accident, and Elaina is determined to find out the truth. Together with her attractive friend, Ric Peters, Elaina hopes to uncover the secrets behind Mario’s murder and bring the killers to justice. … More “Dead Man’s Pose” by Susan Rogers and John Roosen

“Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)” by Cherie Colyer

In “Merry Little Wishing Spritz,” Cassie Moore doesn’t know what’s going to come of her crazy situation. You see, Cassie and her best friend, Peyton, are modern-day witches. Peyton has a dream foretelling that Cassie’s life will be turned upside down in which she’ll not only lose her job she loves at Lakeside Books, but also her apartment that her friend and boss, Bea, allows Cassie to stay in above the bookstore. … More “Merry Little Wishing Spritz (Christmas Cookies)” by Cherie Colyer

“Oh! Olivia (A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 1)” by Patricia Fry

In Ms. Fry’s “Oh! Olivia” we meet two unforgettable characters right off the bat: investigative reporter Parker Campbell, and her therapy cat, Olivia. Parker learns of a location where feral cats live and where items are beginning to turn up from people who disappeared out of thin air seven years ago. People are curious as to why these items are showing up after all this time. Could this be a mass grave of some sort? Are the victims connected in some way? … More “Oh! Olivia (A Calico Cat Mystery, Book 1)” by Patricia Fry

“Oh! Olivia” by Patricia Fry

“Oh! Olivia” by Patricia Fry introduces readers to a calico cat names Olivia, and her human, Parker Campbell, who is an investigative reporter. Parker has been asked to help save a cat colony site from developers. The cat colony site has an interesting mystery surrounding it. The feral cats that reside there have been digging up personal belongings of missing people. … More “Oh! Olivia” by Patricia Fry

“Death Rules the Night” by Rosemary and Larry Mild

Rosemary and Larry Mild have used their time in sunny Hawaii to create a mystery surrounding a certain family’s history, a disappeared body, and a bookstore. In their book “Death Rules the Night,” it will surprise readers to learn that mysteries can lie dormant for years and erupt in the most unthought of places. … More “Death Rules the Night” by Rosemary and Larry Mild