“Be Who You Are: A Song for My Children” by Jimmy Brandmeier

BE WHO YOU ARE: A SONG FOR MY CHILDREN Jimmy Brandmeier Morgan James Publishing (2018) ISBN 9781683509011 Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (8/18) All parents want the best for their children. They want them to keep true to themselves, find their path and in many ways protect them from the harsh reality of the world.... Continue Reading →

“Winning the War on Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure” by Sylvie Beljanski

WINNING THE WAR ON CANCER: THE EPIC JOURNEY TOWARDS A NATURAL CURE Sylvie Beljanski Morgan James Publishing (2018) ISBN 9781683507246 Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (7/18) If you are a fan of alternative medicine or have a head for science, this book should be on your reading bucket list. “Winning the War on Cancer: The... Continue Reading →

“The Disabled Workforce: What the ADA Never Anticipated” by Rachel Shaw

THE DISABLED WORKFORCE: WHAT THE ADA NEVER ANTICIPATED Rachel Shaw CreateSpace (2017) ISBN 9781544708599 Reviewed by Josh Cramer for Reader Views (2/18) I found “The Disabled Workforce: What the ADA Never Anticipated” by Rachel Shaw to be a fascinating read. Before reading this, I didn’t know anything about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because my background... Continue Reading →

“Be Your Own Brand of Sexy” by Susan L. Edelman, MD

BE YOUR OWN BRAND OF SEXY Susan L. Edelman, MD Options Press (2015) ISBN 9781942343226 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/17) How do you feel about a man being late for a date? How about when he wants to take things too fast? Do you give in because you are afraid he will get it... Continue Reading →

“U.S. Veterans in the Workforce” by Mike Schindler

U.S. VETERANS IN THE WORKFORCE Mike Schindler Elevate (2016) ISBN 9781943425952 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/16) I was excited for the opportunity to review “U.S. Veterans in the Workforce” by Mike Schindler. My interest in working with military veterans stemmed from having four generations of veterans in my family. One of my... Continue Reading →

“Classics: Why and How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them” by Fiza Pathan

CLASSICS: WHY AND HOW WE CAN ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO READ THEM Fiza Pathan Fiza Pathan Publishing (Opc) Private Limited (2017) ISBN 9788193290606 Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views (3/17) Article first published as Book Review: ‘Classics: Why and How We Can Encourage Children to Read Them’ by Fiza Pathan on Blogcritics. Drawing on many... Continue Reading →

“USMLE Alert 1” by Ala Sarraj, MD

ALERT MEDICAL SERIES: USMLE ALERT 1 Ala Sarraj, MD Outskirts Press (2016) ISBN 9781478763666 Reviewed by Ross Ian Vance for Reader Views (01/17) “USMLE Alert 1” by Ala Sarraj, MD, is one of many books in a series that tries to prepare medical students and physicians alike for the rigors of US Medical Licensing Exams... Continue Reading →

“Wait, How Do I Write This Email?” by Danny Rubin

WAIT, HOW DO I WRITE THIS EMAIL? Danny Rubin News To Live By (2016) ISBN 9780996349925 Reviewed by Josh Cramer for Reader Views (01/17) As an English professor, I have read many books and articles on writing, but have found very few I could recommend to my students. Usually, I’m limited to books every writer... Continue Reading →

“The Hand in the Back of the Room” by Dr. Byron L. Ernest

THE HAND IN THE BACK OF THE ROOM Dr. Byron L. Ernest Outskirts Press (2016) ISBN 9781478747963 Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (12/16) “The Hand in the Back of the Room” by Dr. Byron L. Ernest is a book that needs to be put in the hands of every educator in the world.... Continue Reading →

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