“Forever in a Knight” by J. Ryenae

In this latest offering by J. Ryenae, readers are introduced to Autumn, a young medical practitioner, and daughter to a powerful and infamous drug lord in the streets of Miami. The book begins when she receives a call from her father, Sebastian Knight. Nothing in the world can fill the vacuum in her father’s heart after his wife’s demise, except to give his children a satisfied and fulfilling livelihood. He has managed to bring up two of his sons under his umbrella, but Autumn’s attitude towards him stands flawed. She had had enough of the gangster environment surrounding her childhood and had opted to move to Tampa in anticipation that her nursing career would soar uninterrupted by his father’s syndicate. … More “Forever in a Knight” by J. Ryenae

“The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

Still reeling over the crash and burn of her last relationship with a bad boy type, ER intern Kate finds herself caring for a long-haired, tattooed stranger who suffered a drug-induced affliction. Touching him makes every inch of her tingle, and she knows she should run (far away), but when he shows up a few months later at her friend’s dinner party, she can’t stop the magnetic pull of his brooding stare.

Kate is entirely too good for him: Fabian knows he should stick to his kind—self-destructive and damaged. Still, there’s something about Kate’s golden hair and the glimmer of mischief in her beautiful blue eyes he finds irresistible. He wants to give her the world, but his past always seems to find a way to ruin a good thing.

Will the fiery lust survive the stark differences in their lives? Read and find out. … More “The Outcast” by Eve M. Riley

“Limestone Waters” by John McMahon

Limestone Waters John McMahonGatekeeper Press (2021)ISBN: 978-1662914027Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021) “Limestone Waters,” takes place in the mid-1980s in northwest New Jersey. Michael Walsh is stumbling through life as a Vietnam Vet with undiagnosed PTSD. His closest friends and one nemesis all went to high school and then on to Vietnam together. … More “Limestone Waters” by John McMahon

“Rabbithole” by Melissa Rea

Okay… we’ve all read them. What seems like a multitude of books ‘taken’ from the incredible world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” written so long ago and transformed by writers into some good, some really bad, and some really confusing novels. “Rabbithole,” however, is the first one I’ve ever read that establishes its own ‘voice’ right out of the gate and goes on to give readers a strong female lead, a ‘take’ that involves both the paranormal and contemporary worlds working perfectly with one another, and a brilliant plot, characters, and extensive wardrobe that puts this read into the category of erotica. … More “Rabbithole” by Melissa Rea

“After Spin the Bottle” by Janet Saunders

AFTER SPIN THE BOTTLE Janet Saunders Authorhouse (2016) ISBN 9781504984782 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (04/16) Article first published as Book Review: ‘After Spin the Bottle’ by Janet Saunders on Blogcritics. In “After Spin the Bottle” by Janet Saunders, we meet Julie Taylor. Life was pretty simple for Julie, growing up in the … More “After Spin the Bottle” by Janet Saunders