“Mildred the Bird Lady” by Rose M. Jones

In “Mildred the Bird Lady,” Rose M. Jones has crafted a beautiful story about friendship and finding it in unexpected places and people.

The main characters in the story are an eccentric lady named Mildred and a young girl named Mary. Mary meets Mildred in the park while she is having a picnic with her family and her ball rolls to the park bench Mildred is sitting on. Mary is so young that her mother quickly scoops her up and reminds her to never talk to strangers. … More “Mildred the Bird Lady” by Rose M. Jones

“Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

I found the tale to be fast-paced and exciting. I loved being able to see historical events taking place through the eyes of androids from the future. Their secret use of modern technology really enhanced the story. I liked being able to jump from the 1860s to another world with strange alien creatures, and then back to old London. … More “Full Circle: Covert Invasion” by Alfred R. Taylor

“Confessions of a Janissary” by Nicholas J. Downing

Nicholas J. Downing’s “Confessions of a Janissary” is set in the 14th century during the period where the Ottoman Empire reigned supreme in the Middle East. Here, readers meet Mirko, a young boy conscripted into the Sultan’s army. The Ottomans have been taking boys from Christian families as slaves and forcing them into the Sultan’s elite corps. Readers follow Mirko as he transitions from an angry, confused 13-year-old boy focused on avenging the death of his father, who had fought with the Serbian forces, into an accomplished soldier and leader in the Sultan’s army. As Mirko tries his best to navigate his new world and battle old demons, he must make a choice: Succumb to the force the culture and religion of Islam and accept his place in the Sultan’s kingdom, or use his newfound position to undermine the Sultan, and ultimately assassinate the man who Mirko believes is responsible for his father’s death. As the years unfold, however, and he gets to know the men behind the curtain of the Ottoman Empire’s success, Mirko realizes that maybe the world is not as black and white as he believed it to be. … More “Confessions of a Janissary” by Nicholas J. Downing

“Wraith” by Raymond Bolton

“Wraith” is a supernatural novel involving Warren Sumner, a successful San Francisco entrepreneur whose professional acumen and ability to predict the market do not successfully transfer to his personal life—he drinks too much. A night out with his family and his business partner, Jordan, leaves him too inebriated to find his car. After several wrong turns, the Sumners wander into the wrong part of town and thugs attack. He and his two children are killed; Brandi, his wife, is hospitalized. Warren dies and heads toward “the white light.” Knowing that his drinking and his pride are the reasons his family has been destroyed, fury engulfs him, so through sheer force of will, he resists the afterworld’s white light to stay in ours. … More “Wraith” by Raymond Bolton

“Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls” by Rhonda Parrish

When I first picked up “Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls,” I was expecting strictly retellings. And there are some great ones in here, including but not limited to Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Rumplestiltskin. But there are other stories that aren’t based on any particular fairy tale, but more the “ideas” such as the troll under the bridge. And there were still other stories that had more of a fairy tale vibe and the morals that you can find a better place in the world and what not. … More “Trenchcoats, Towers, and Trolls” by Rhonda Parrish

“Forgiving Nero” by Mary Ann Bernal

“Forgiving Nero” by Mary Ann Bernal is a fictional account of the life of Nero, Emperor of Rome. As a Praetorian Guard, Traian has looked after Nero ever since he was a small child, protecting him from assassins and treating him like a son. Vena, a hostage to the current Emperor Claudius, and a Christian hiding her faith, is the woman Nero calls “mother.” When Nero finds himself on the Roman throne, he rejects the council of those he once held dear and discovers his newfound power has given him the status of a god. With only treachery and corruption surrounding him, Nero’s former friends and allies can only watch his spiraling descent into debauchery and evil. … More “Forgiving Nero” by Mary Ann Bernal

“Bluff” by John DeDakis

In “Bluff” by author John DeDakis, we see Lark Chadwick setting out on a new adventure, where everywhere she turns, trouble finds her. In Book 2 of this ongoing series, Lark will stop at nothing to get some real answers people are looking for regarding how real estate mogul Shane Duran is swindling retirees out of their retirement land they purchased from him years ago. As Lark peels back the layers of this entangled web of lies and deceit, she finds herself in some deep, hot water. Unfortunately, she may not be able to get out of this mess unscathed. … More “Bluff” by John DeDakis

“Primeval Waters” by William Burke

Riveting, to say the least, “Primeval Waters” took a slight turn that once again unleashed an unforgettable plot, told at a breathtaking pace. Here we meet Dr. Micah Clarke—a planetary geologist—along with his young daughter, Faye, and Catalina Abril, who is Dr. Clarke’s assistant. When this trio meets up with some seriously bad people, with guns aimed at them, they are kidnapped and forced to join a fanatic’s quest. … More “Primeval Waters” by William Burke