“Traffic: A Ronnie Lake Mystery” by Niki Danforth

In Niki Danforth’s book, “Traffic,” readers are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions when Ronnie Lake witnesses the violent kidnapping of a wealthy, high profile woman. Being a private investigator, Ronnie will stop at nothing to solve her cases, and this one is no exception. … More “Traffic: A Ronnie Lake Mystery” by Niki Danforth

“Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

This compelling collection of poems focuses on what it’s like to be a Cuban lesbian. When it comes to the word “tortillera,” it means lesbian, but as the poet explains in her works, this word is a loaded gun…a verbal assault. However, it doesn’t mean that the poet takes it to heart. She wears the label proudly, in fact, like a badge of honor. … More “Tortillera: Poems” by Caridad Moro-Gronlier

“Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison

“Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison is filled with intense love and, unfortunately, tragedy. Protagonist, Joe Riley, is a 37-year-old successful businessman who has attained all he ever thought he would need in life. He has a fantastic job, considerable wealth and a stellar reputation in his industry. He didn’t bother himself with trivial things, like romance or fairytales, until one night when he experiences a strange dream. … More “Of Dreams and Angels” by Jared Morrison

“Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“Mother Blues” is a killer mystery set against both the background and foreground of motherhood. This story links the past with the future, and a childhood omen to adulthood danger. Mothering can come in many forms. Even if you don’t have a biological mother, there can be maternal forces that shape you, from your past and present. Maybe it’s a grandmother from long ago; or a godmother, aunt, or some other mother “figure” not related by blood. The title is perfect for this story because, much like a blues tune, the tale’s pace feels like it’s infused with an almost hypnotic pulse. … More “Mother Blues” by Owen Thomas

“The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen

“The Truth Effect” is the story of a fearless woman journalist, Kelly, who’s trying to warn England of the government’s plan to impose an artificially intelligent-powered thought control regime in 2030. Set in London, it extrapolates about the advances of IT-biometric technology, particularly the potential connections between human consciousness and the digital information systems that are sure to be developed. … More “The Truth Effect” by Anne Mortensen