“The Midas Death” by Diana M. DeLuca

“The Midas Death” is a very unusual detective/mystery narrative. One might say that all detective stories are primarily about a detective’s journey into capturing a killer. Not this book! The author is able to deviate off track enough to bring about an engaging start and a mysterious ending. Inspector “Kaj” isn’t your typical detective with the brilliant IQ nor the gifted ability to outsmart anyone. … More “The Midas Death” by Diana M. DeLuca

“The Senator’s Suitcase” by Mitch Engel

This isn’t the average fill-in-the-blank political intrigue novel. Really, at its core, is a story about family, character, and truth. They say the truth shall set you free, but is it a truth that Troy wants to know? Engel crafts this story with the right balance of drama, suspense, and mystery, putting you in the main character’s shoes from the beginning, wisely choosing first-person POV. … More “The Senator’s Suitcase” by Mitch Engel

“Valentine to Faith” by Victoria Foyt

This captivating novel tells the story of a mother named Angel and her daughter Faith, who is entering young adulthood and striking out on her own to attend college and start a life of dreams and independence, and a new romantic relationship. But Angel has kept her troubled past a secret, and now sees that her daughter could be repeating the dangerous cycle. … More “Valentine to Faith” by Victoria Foyt