“The Plot to Save America” by Avraham Azrieli

“The Plot to Save America,” is a fast-paced cautionary tale, a bit of a satire and a wildly imaginative alternative history. It is springtime, 2024 – the January 6, 2021insurrection succeeded – the rioters broke through, captured and killed Vice President Pence, set the Capitol on fire, where half of congress died, and the other half, (mostly Republican) were put in detention. By using Hollywood effects, and lots of repetitive perjury, the riot was blamed on BLM and Antifa, and martial law has been in place ever since. … More “The Plot to Save America” by Avraham Azrieli

“When You Leave Me” by Susan Wingate

Susan Wingate is a gifted writer. With her powerful prose and storytelling prowess, “When You Leave Me,” captured my attention as soon as I started reading. I instantly felt a connection to this place and the people. I really enjoyed getting caught up in both the vibrant descriptions of the island and the cast of quirky characters. … More “When You Leave Me” by Susan Wingate

“Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

It started at Lubos. The noxious smell, Winsey’s relentless chatter, and the gargoyle at the end of the bar who was eyeballing you. You’d politely asked Winsey to shut the eff up (you have Aspergers, and thus, no filter) because her complaining bordered on petulance, and you’d had enough. After saying goodbye, you fled the bar, looking forward to a quiet night at home, binge-watching Law & Order for the umpteenth time and snuggling with your overweight cat. The next thing you know, your phone is lit up by the sheriff, demanding that you come down to the station because Winsey is dead and you’re the number one suspect. … More “Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel” by Susan Wingate

“Threads” by Bryan Cassiday

“Threads,” by Bryan Cassiday, is aptly named for the fashion empire within, the pulling of a thread that unravels the whole thing, and the breadcrumbs that slowly weave together the full picture. Scott Brody may at first appear to be your typical private investigator, looking into spousal affairs and other low-level jobs, albeit for mobsters, but “Threads” pulls that entire life apart. … More “Threads” by Bryan Cassiday