The Armageddon Two-Step by Michael Loyd Gray

The latest novel by Michael Loyd Gray, entitled “The Armageddon Two-Step,” tells the story of Shelby Albert Goddard, a young man that rose from the ranks of a nondescript, nerdy high school kid that ran the “low hurdles,” to a young man employed by a secret government agency due to the fact he was “quite brilliant in sciences that he could not explain to his parents or anyone else.”

When We Were Brave by Karla M. Jay

“When We Were Brave” by Karla M. Jay takes readers by the hand into the WWII era through the lives of an SS Officer who plots against Hitler and his death camps, a Jewish boy’s holocaust journey as he hopes to be reunited with his father, and the Muller family, as they realize that being American citizens is not enough in the US if you are of German origin.

Death in the Blood Moon by Jenifer LeClair

“Death in the Blood Moon” is the sixth novel in the Windjammer Mystery Series by Jenifer LeClair. It’s a mystery that will keep you interested from the first page to the last. This book is so well written. Full of beautifully detailed descriptions of the lake and the coast as well as interesting facts about the native Ojibwe tribe located there. I felt as if I could literally use the book as a road map that would take me straight to the cabin where Brie and her mother stayed, or the reservation where Edna takes refuge after their trip to the lake.

“Guardian of Angel” by Lanie Mores

“Guardian of Angel” is the second book in the Father of Contention Series by Lanie Mores. The title has a play on words, as it has many Christian elements to the story, yet also includes mystery, suspense, and the righting of wrongs.

Of Gods and Heroes by Elias Pagonitis

“Of Gods and Heroes: An Unbiased Retelling of the Story of the Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece” by Elias Pagonitis is a novel that follows the journey of Asopichos, a young Greek, from childhood to adulthood.

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