“Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” by Gustavo J. Gomez

Since time began, humans have felt pride, envy, and vain over their or another’s appearance. The way in which someone portrays themselves outwardly toward others strongly impacts first impressions and brings about judgment regarding everything about them. The styles of clothing, hair, makeup, etc. have changed much over the centuries, with the changes being either subtle or severe, but noticeable and capable of changing. … More “Hair Loss: Options for Restoration and Reversal” by Gustavo J. Gomez

“Fit to Eat” by Millie Osborne

Dr. Millie Osborne has created a comprehensive guide backed by years of scientific studies that break free of traditional diet and exercise beliefs to create a proactive, preventative approach to chronic disease. The wealth of information “Fit To Eat” provides its reader is eye-opening and will change the way patients interact with the healthcare industry. It is through accurate knowledge and healthy lifestyle changes that chronic illnesses can not only be faced but eradicated in future generations.  … More “Fit to Eat” by Millie Osborne

“Stroke Recovery: What Now?” by Tracy L. Markley

After a patient has a stroke, they need to continue the recovery process once being discharged from the hospital. In Ms. Tracy Markley’s book, “Stroke Recovery What Now?: When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues,” the author shares her knowledge of teaching her readers the medical terms they need to know and the exercises they can do to continue their recovery process after their hospital stay. … More “Stroke Recovery: What Now?” by Tracy L. Markley

“Biomechanics of Your Body” by Tracy L. Markley

Tracy L. Markley has written and received awards for many books of her books centering on health and the human body; much of her background and education revolves around fitness education with a mile-long resume to serve as her credentials. With a clear passion for the field of physical fitness, “Biomechanics of Your Body: A Simplified Way to Learn Human Movement and Muscles” reads similar to a textbook (but much more interesting!), with the facts, science, and helpful diagrams displayed alongside advice and suggestions given by the author to ensure proper form and safety are followed, to prevent harm to the individual. The information covers nearly every part of the inner workings of the human body, mainly separated into two main categories of skeletal bones and muscles, but branching into specific areas, such as where the muscles are located (i.e., abdominal, upper body, spine, back, hips, legs, etc.).

So the reader isn’t left in the dark, confused, and wondering what various terms mean, helpful definitions are provided that cover slightly more than two pages. Following the definitions are some movement illustrations with detailed instructions on how to perform the movement and the muscles that are activated while doing each one to learn their importance and relevance to either your specific and targeted health goals or your goals overall for general physical health (that *bonus* can improve mental and emotional health as well!). … More “Biomechanics of Your Body” by Tracy L. Markley

“Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Fragile Minds: An Advocate’s Story” by Diane Lane Chambers sheds light on how our Government’s legislature ties the hands of both families and healthcare facilities trying to help people with serious mental issues. Currently, a person can only be held for seventy-two hours for observation unless the patient themselves signs legal forms requesting care. After that period of time they are released back onto the streets despite being a danger to themselves or others. Ms. Chambers’ forty years of experience as a sign language interpreter has brought her to the front lines of this crisis. It is through her first-hand accounts the reader discovers the revolving door of untreated mental illness and governmental red tape preventing real results.   … More “Fragile Minds” by Diane Lane Chambers

“Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” by Sylvia Abolis Mennear

“Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” is a story that needs to be told and, more importantly, needs to be read by many. It is important for young people because it can be used to assist in educating them about the dangers of the horrible drug, Fentanyl. It is important for family members so they can see the signs and gain the knowledge to, hopefully, move away from the tragic ending of this story and create a new ending for themselves.

This is a true and honest account of Aaron’s story and it is a heartbreaking one. This young man had everything going for him and lost it all, including his life, when faced with addiction. After having an accident, Aaron’s life changed completely when he became addicted to the painkillers he had been prescribed to face what he was going through. … More “Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts” by Sylvia Abolis Mennear

“An Erotic Phenotype” by Sherman P. Bastarache

The essence of “An Erotic Phenotype” is to take a human interaction, specifically sex, and break it down piece by piece into everything that goes into it. From orgasm to outer beauty, a man versus a woman, language, and so much more, author Sherman P. Bastarache expertly informs readers in depth on the observable characteristics of sexual desire and excitement. … More “An Erotic Phenotype” by Sherman P. Bastarache

“Plus-Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia and Social Change” by Mekdela

“Plus-Size” is a series of essays that deal with Mekdela’s personal experience of dealing with body image and how different media outlets add to the positive or negative body image for women, especially Black women. Media outlets, such as movies, television shows, and books are discussed with Mekdela using specific examples from each. Most of these examples should be recognizable by most readers. … More “Plus-Size: A Memoir of Pop Culture, Fatphobia and Social Change” by Mekdela