“The Immigrant’s Journey” by Roger D. Andersen

Enok Enoksen Opsal was born in 1890, in Norway. As potato farmers, his family struggled to make ends meet. When he was sixteen, Enok boarded a steamship to pursue his dream of moving to the United States for better opportunities. … More “The Immigrant’s Journey” by Roger D. Andersen

“Antonio’s Story” by Linda Buzzeo Best

Antonio’s Story: Coming of Age on the Battlefields of WWII is a truly beautiful story that is full of hope, love, respect, family, and perseverance. In this book the author tells us the story of her father’s life from his beginning in Italy to his immigration to the United States, to his return to Italy as a hero of World War II. … More “Antonio’s Story” by Linda Buzzeo Best

“When Tomorrow Comes” by DL Larson

In this episode, several members of the Douglas family take off on a variety of adventures that cover parts of the east coast, Midwest, and the west coast. Danger awaits them at every turn. The political climate between the United States government and Native American tribes has heated up, and some of the Douglas members are journeying to the Kansas Territory to witness The Great Council, which is a pow-wow that will result either in resolution or in a huge massacre between the tribes and the US government. Other Douglas family members head to the east coast to discover who is embezzling from the family shipping business. In doing so, they become involved with a freed slave and her runaway brother. Lives are forever altered by what happens with them. Another adventure takes place in San Francisco. Greed, jealousy and betrayal are at the heart of most of the dramas taking place. Unrequited love also plays heavily into the Douglas family. The family must overcome horrific challenges handed to them in order to be able to continue the Douglas family legacy. … More “When Tomorrow Comes” by DL Larson

“In the Name of the Mother” by John Broughton

The Anglo-Saxon period in Britain spans approximately six centuries from 410-1066AD. It was a time of war and the breaking up of Roman Britannia into several kingdoms of religious conversion.

It is during this period that John Broughton thrusts readers into his strikingly original second and last installment of the Wyrd of the Wolf series, “In The Name Of The Mother: A Chronicle of 8th Century Wessex (Wyrd Of The Wolf Book 2)”. The year is 689AD and a young widow, Cynethryth, is returning home to Rome after her husband, Caedwalha, leader of the West Saexe, dies. Pregnant with the heir to the throne, Cynethryth meets her father, Aelfhere, King of the South Saexe, who welcomes her home even after having gone against her father’s wishes, allying against him and her people. … More “In the Name of the Mother” by John Broughton

“The Shadow of the Mole” by Bob Van Laerhoven

“The Shadow of the Mole” is a historical fiction psychological thriller set within the trenches of warfare and a man’s unsettled mind. 1916 in the Argonne woods region of Fille Morte, members of The 13th French Infantry must construct tunnels underneath German strongholds of the battle zone. While excavating the tunnels deemed Satan’s Lair, the grim discovery of a catatonic man found in the icy mud-filled rubble causes alarm within the ranks. Uncertain whether this stranger is a threat, deserter, or mole, Dr. Michel Denis is assigned to assess the man’s condition.  … More “The Shadow of the Mole” by Bob Van Laerhoven

“Darkheart: A Novel of Judas Iscariot” by Jeanne Blanchet

“Darkheart: A Novel of Judas Iscariot” by Jeanne Blanchet reimagines the life of Judas, disciple and betrayer of Jesus Christ.

As a young boy, Judas Iscariot was known as a troublemaker who often embarrassed his father. After meeting an enigmatic young boy about his own age, Yeshua, Judas becomes passionate about being a religious father, and convinces his father to help him begin formal studies. While these dreams were ultimately waylaid by tragedy and hardship, Judas once again encounters the young Yeshua while he is living with his aunt and uncle. Over the following years, the blood brothers grow from boys to young men, and venture out into the world on their own paths. Once again, however, Judas would be brought back into the circle of his boyhood best friend, becoming a disciple of a man who was becoming known throughout the land as the foretold Messiah come to Earth. Temptation and psychological distress remain dangerous forces for a humble, meager man like Judas, however, and soon he will discover that sometimes the ones we love the most are also the ones we hurt the most. … More “Darkheart: A Novel of Judas Iscariot” by Jeanne Blanchet

“Dead Heat to Destiny: Three Lives and a Spy” by J.B. Rivard

“Dead Heat to Destiny: Three Lives and a Spy” is a clever and suspenseful work of art fashioned by author J.B. Rivard. As the book opens up in the early 1900s, a young woman, Adrienne Boch is ripe in her career in high fashion, where she hopes to make a fine debut. Romance, for Adrienne, was out of the question as all her attention was drawn to attaining her dream. Her only and simple distraction was epistolary letters that she constantly wrote to her cousin, Gregor Steiner, training as an officer in the Imperial German Army. … More “Dead Heat to Destiny: Three Lives and a Spy” by J.B. Rivard

“Lost Souls Recovered” by Eric Walker

n the spring of 1887, a servant by the name of John overheard Tyrone and Laura Billingsly discussing the financial ruin they were facing. Tyrone recalls a tale of caches of gold and silver buried on the plantation grounds. The only clue to the treasure’s whereabouts is engraved on a pair of whiskey flasks under lock a key. John, desperate to escape the mental and physical cruelty endured under the hands of Laura Billingsly, devises a plan to steal the flasks to finance his way to a better life down south. After being caught breaking in, a freak accident occurs leading to the death of Ms. Billingsly. John, in fear of his life, makes the heart wrenching decision to leave his mother behind as he tries to escape the relentless pursuit of henchmen set to bring him to justice. Wanting his mother to know the truth behind him leaving so abruptly, John states, “Momma, even in this mean world we live in, I never killed anyone in my life.”  … More “Lost Souls Recovered” by Eric Walker

“Alone to America” by Maria Vezetti Matson

Gennie receives news that her big brother, Emilio—who lives in Michigan, USA—needs her to travel to America in order to help him and his wife with the arrival of their baby that is on the way. This is not good news for Gennie. The thought of leaving her precious farm and enchanting small Italian village to live in a completely unknown place is absolutely terrifying and saddening for her. But thinking about the adventurous travels to another country and how much fun she will have during the trip has her jumping for joy. That is until her parents drop another bombshell on her: none of her family members will be accompanying her. She has to travel alone. But she is just 14 years old. And she is mortified that her own parents are requesting her to travel all alone to a foreign country. To make matters worse, she is not even allowed to bring along her favorite kitten, Meeshee. This is just downright heartbreaking for her. … More “Alone to America” by Maria Vezetti Matson

“Commissar: A Novel of Civil War Russia” by D.V. Chernov

“Commissar” by D.V. Chernov is a Russian historical spy thriller, taking place in 1918, as Russia is in the midst of a civil war caused by several political forces vying for power in a new Russia taking shape. The author expertly bases this story on real historical events and people, giving it an even greater air of intrigue. … More “Commissar: A Novel of Civil War Russia” by D.V. Chernov