“Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

It’s the end of this eternity—the world can be remade in the image of whoever reaches the holy place first. Rabbi Benjamin is part of a secret Jewish sect that has been preparing to protect the world from this for eons. His ragtag team includes his son; an ancient, snarky head; and a beautiful vampire who only wants to die.  Together they journey to the holy place to prevent a cult of nose bashers and a death cult from destroying life as we know it. … More “Viila and the Doomsday Affair” by Roger Danchik

“The Foster Wife” by Cindy Dorminy

Amelia Day has made a name for herself as a foster wife. (Yes, you heard that right.) While unconventional, the quirky business plan has garnered tons of street cred and boasts great success in transforming unlucky-in-love bachelors into well-rounded gentlemen ready for marriage. When Amelia agrees to work with handsome but annoying bachelor Phin Baxter, she has no idea how difficult he plans to make it for her. … More “The Foster Wife” by Cindy Dorminy

“There is No Shrimp” by Kenny Loui

“There is No Shrimp…And Other Lies My Mother Told Me (UFO Catcher Ken Presents)” is an autobiographical manga and a congenial medley of narrative and intertwined visual sequences written by Kenny Loui and illustrated by Yamawe. Here, Loui transcends his quirky adult life stories and this time sheds light on some of his fondest childhood memories that he shared with someone significant in his life, his mother. His reminiscences are funny to read especially his mother’s unique parenting mode including her approach of managing her son’s questions with vivid and well-thought-of answers. … More “There is No Shrimp” by Kenny Loui

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” by Zoiy Galloay

“The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” is the second book in Zoiy Galloay’s series, “The Royal Matchmaking Competition.” As the heir to the throne, Zadkiel must participate in a special competition specifically designed to bring together twelve beautiful, talented girls for the express purpose of competing to be Zadkiel’s bride and, beyond that, the next Queen.  While everything seems like fun and games at first, he soon realizes that love is not easily won.  Not to mention that amidst forming special connections with several of the contestants, Zadkiel starts to get the feeling that someone is out to get his family – perhaps even hoping to assassinate one of them.  All becomes fair in love and war when both hearts and the kingdom itself may be at stake. … More “The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel” by Zoiy Galloay

“Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” by Daniel Eric Finkel

“Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” is a jocular and fast-paced tale by Daniel Eric Finkel, conceived and configured to entertain and astound.

The pages spread out to launch readers into a scene that displays the laughable friendship between Ted Farmer One and Ted farmer Two. The two have been together for years but the former tends to wake up early in the morning just to hysterically command the latter around. Their interaction with the former’s cows brings out the ideal design of buffoonery and jest, as illustrated through funny and sarcastic remarks and engagements, for example, when the former’s cow gives birth, and the owner decides to name it “My Best Friend.” … More “Mr. Taffle’s Pants of Insanity” by Daniel Eric Finkel

“How I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls” by Andrew McKinney

“How I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls: And The Lessons I Learned” by Andrew McKinney is a hilarious and refreshing memoir. Insightful and open-minded, this heartfelt read looks at parenting from the perspective of a family man who has been in the conduits of childrearing. The memoir recounts the interesting journey of the author in raising his three teenage girls, Jacquelyn, Meaghan, and Gloria. … More “How I Lost My Hair Raising Teenage Girls” by Andrew McKinney

“The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins

“The Trump Diaries 2024,” is the fourth book in the Oh Daddy Chronicles series by author Barry Robbins.

 The diary was found in the ashes after Mar Lago burned down and The Donald disappeared. Taking place in the future, it contains over eighty satirical diary entries that cover from January 1, 2024, to November 1, 2024. It is mostly written by a woke translator who is also referred to as “The Chronicler-in-Chief.” He translates Trump’s writings into a more easily readable format. The Donald had to cover for him on a couple of days where he had to miss work due to illness. Much has changed between now and these events in the future. Melania and Ivanka have left to pursue an alternative lifestyle. Melania is also the head housekeeper for Pelosi. Little Barron Trump never makes an appearance. Putin is doing time breaking rocks in prison. Pete Buttigieg makes a few appearances, as does DeSantis, Sanders, Conway, Thomas, and Psaki. Other entertaining topics covered include smoothies, box sixteen of the fifteen boxes of missing documents, plumbing issues at Mar a Lago, and Trump’s harmonic lessons. … More “The Trump Diaries 2024” by Barry Robbins

“Drunk Talk” by Mike Davis and TL Banks

When I first saw the title of this book, I wasn’t sure what to think. I guess I was expecting a ridiculous book where a couple of drunks babbled on about life. In some cases that may be funny but, in most cases, I would expect that to be a complete waste of paper and ink. In the case of this book, however, I was very happily wrong. This definitely has some amusing anecdotes where the drunks just babbled on, don’t get me wrong, and I spent a lot of time just sitting there reading and laughing out loud. What surprised me the most was the serious topics that are covered and the insightfulness that the authors brought out in their discussions about each topic. … More “Drunk Talk” by Mike Davis and TL Banks