“Spectators of War” by Luke Swanson

“Spectators of War” is a novel which thrusts you from the outset into a world where war has become a sport: like football games, named teams compete against others in a bid to win, and achieve the adulation of their thousands of screaming fans. This happens on a local level as well as internationally, and it is big business. Frighteningly big business. It is also carnage on an immense scale, organized and in need of new recruits. … More “Spectators of War” by Luke Swanson

“Trump Dog” by Jim Tilberry

“Trump Dog – Wild Tales of Lies, Hair Dye and Dog Poop” is a funny book, a light satire that is well paced and delivers ironic and goofy jokes throughout. This is the 4th humor book that Jim Tilbury has written and he has mastered his craft. While the reader who dislikes Trump will probably be more likely to enjoy it, the story is unpretentious and delivers chuckles galore, and will keep most readers engaged. … More “Trump Dog” by Jim Tilberry

“The Bitchographies” by Vivienne Vuitton

No topic is off limits in “The Bitchographies: Random Commentaries About Life, Love, and Knockoff Christian Louboutins,” by Vivienne Vuitton. Take it from Vivienne, people are not always the sharpest tool in the shed, though keeping your trap shut, is usually the best bet. But that doesn’t mean we all haven’t encountered these people. And she’s about to make you feel oh so much better about the crazies in your life. … More “The Bitchographies” by Vivienne Vuitton

“Praying for Mrs. Mombasa” by Doug Brendel

Humor writing can lack great voices, but Doug Brendel, the author of “Praying for Mrs. Mombasa” has an undeniable voice and kindly shares it. His book is told by a fascinating, laugh-out-loud narrator who’s beyond cheeky. Brendel parts the curtains on his tale, and speaks frequently about it in the book, by telling us the difference between how this story plays out as a book and how it would be far worse if it were put on stage in a theatre. … More “Praying for Mrs. Mombasa” by Doug Brendel