“This Book Found You!” by Beronica Parnham

Do you find yourself stuck in the humdrum of everyday life? Maybe you feel complacent or stagnant in your current situation; you have the desire to make changes but have no tangible method for doing so. If you find yourself nodding along to the above statements, you’ve come to the right place. Beronica Parnham, author of “This Book Found You,” has also been in that proverbial rut. She has created this book for readers, just like you, to unlock their spirituality, break the chain of self-limiting beliefs, and discover their full potential. … More “This Book Found You!” by Beronica Parnham

“You’re Not Crazy: Overcoming Parent/Child Alienation” by Lynn Steinberg

“You’re Not Crazy” was written with purpose for an audience of judges, family attorneys, psychologists and psychotherapists, friends, family, guardians, and governmental departments not otherwise familiar with the term or dynamics at play in parental alienation cases. The goal is always for alienated parents and children to be reunited, but as author Lynn Steinberg shows, this isn’t typically an easy feat.  … More “You’re Not Crazy: Overcoming Parent/Child Alienation” by Lynn Steinberg

“The Eighteen Years that Didn’t Change Anything” by Enrico Tesla

For me personally, I find the idea of looking back and reflecting on why a relationship did not work, from his perspectives, to be fascinating. I think readers will also find this to be very interesting, whether they are going through the trauma of a breakup, or even musing as to why they were not picked to be someone’s mate. Rejection hurts! Nevertheless, it might be helpful to not take it so personally if we can look at it through the eyes of how our society operates. … More “The Eighteen Years that Didn’t Change Anything” by Enrico Tesla

“Surviving Anorexia” by Mimi Louise

“Surviving Anorexia” is a labor of love written by Mimi Louise. Although the book is fictional, Abby’s story is heavily influenced by the author’s own excruciating struggle with anorexia. Equal parts poignant and inspirational, Abby’s story will stay with readers long after the last page. A caveat for readers: the writing is not for the faint of heart. Mimi took me through the gut-wrenching reality of living with a disorder that steals everything from a person, and, at times, it was overwhelming. Still, I dried my tears and kept reading, and I’m so glad I did. … More “Surviving Anorexia” by Mimi Louise

“Rue’s Butterfly” by Donna McCartWelser

Are you that person who makes huge promises to yourself to do that thing, whatever it is, before you die and then doesn’t give it a second thought? Or maybe you are so immersed in the everyday grind that having a silly list has never entered your realm of thinking. Donna McCart Welser wants readers to not only think about this list but start actively pursuing it. … More “Rue’s Butterfly” by Donna McCartWelser

“Steps to Happiness” by Mona Hassan-Alaali

Chock full of many well thought out offerings readers could adapt to their own situation and start working toward finding their inner peace and happiness. The style the author presented in her short book was the perfect way for readers to read and digest her advice. Her writing was clear and concise and I found myself stopping and thinking about a few nuggets of information that really resonated with me as I continued reading. … More “Steps to Happiness” by Mona Hassan-Alaali

“Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic” by Jan Phillips

“Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic,” Jan Phillips, is a powerful and moving account of how one woman came to terms with her sexuality. The Catholic church rejected her at age 18 because she was a lesbian, and this set her on a course to define and accept who she was. … More “Still on Fire: Field Notes from a Queer Mystic” by Jan Phillips

“Small Miracles: The Inspiring Kids of Variety Village” by Mike Strobel

There is no way to describe how wonderful this book is. It is captivating and there is no way that one can read the book and not have their sprits lifted and finish it without feeling happy and so proud of these children and the people that support them and help them every day at Variety Village. Plus… The pictures are so beautiful and you end up feeling so proud of each and every one of these children and what they represent to themselves, their families, and those around them. … More “Small Miracles: The Inspiring Kids of Variety Village” by Mike Strobel

“Transcending Darkness” by Denise Brown

A compelling memoir of childhood abuse, neglect, and God’s incomparable guidance, love, and grace. This captivating story unfolds like a novel detailing every challenge the author and her younger sisters faced while enduring the hardships of a mentally ill mother and sister, poverty, and unthinkable physical and verbal abuse from both parents. … More “Transcending Darkness” by Denise Brown