“Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

“Glory Bishop” introduces readers to Glory, a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is while living with her overly religious mother, working with a fabulous hair salon owner, and dealing with teenage love, especially with her boyfriend, J. T leaving for the service. Glory has the dreams most teenagers have, going off to college and being her own self. But her abusive mother has other plans and is beyond happy when Glory starts dating Malcolm, the preacher’s son. Glory’s life with Malcolm is not at all what she expected it to be. … More “Glory Bishop” by Deborah L. King

“Soulful Return” by Fidelis O. Mkparu

In this highly ambitious novel, Fidelis O. Mkparu takes the literary world by storm with his latest offering that centers around Afamefuna Onochie Nwaku, a Harvard-trained medical doctor with a prestigious job at the multibillion-dollar Boston healthcare system, a successful marriage, and two successful adult children. Having lived in the United States for years, the Nigerian-born doctor is torn between going back to Nigeria to assume the role of a family patriarch after the death of his parents or stay in America to become the new CEO of the Boston-based hospital. … More “Soulful Return” by Fidelis O. Mkparu

“The American Outsider: A Novel” by Homa Pourasgari

“The American Outsider” by Homa Pourasgari showcases a passionate and relentless veterinarian Tessa Walker, who won’t stop until suffering animals get justice from merciless killers in the land of Taiji, Japan. She holds memories of brutal dolphin murders in Japan, which she had visited as a teen. Her pleading cries for help had fallen on her parents’ deaf ears. Tessa tries hard to push the memories back, but her strength to fight wears off at forty. … More “The American Outsider: A Novel” by Homa Pourasgari

“What Remains of Love” by Suzanne Trauth

“What Remains of Love” by Suzanne Trauth is an engaging story about a grieving daughter’s pursuit for closure and answers surrounding her father’s secret life. The story is told from the first-person perspective following Kate, but switches narrative frequently upon Kate’s discovery of Emilie’s memoir. Readers are transported from present-day New York to the war-torn streets of Paris during the Nazi invasion. Resistance, desperation, and love reveal themselves in the yellowed pages of Emilie’s poignant memoir—it is the ultimate love story. … More “What Remains of Love” by Suzanne Trauth

“The Plot to Save America” by Avraham Azrieli

“The Plot to Save America,” is a fast-paced cautionary tale, a bit of a satire and a wildly imaginative alternative history. It is springtime, 2024 – the January 6, 2021insurrection succeeded – the rioters broke through, captured and killed Vice President Pence, set the Capitol on fire, where half of congress died, and the other half, (mostly Republican) were put in detention. By using Hollywood effects, and lots of repetitive perjury, the riot was blamed on BLM and Antifa, and martial law has been in place ever since. … More “The Plot to Save America” by Avraham Azrieli

“Epicenter: A Sweeping Historical Novel of Forbidden Love” by Carrie Hannah

It was an absolute pleasure to read “Epicenter” by Carrie Hannah. Not only are four amazing women presented, but their lives, their choices, their separate journeys, are all so exciting and different from one another that I could not put the book down. … More “Epicenter: A Sweeping Historical Novel of Forbidden Love” by Carrie Hannah