“Tom” by Jim Bower

In “Tom” by Jim Bower, the author tells his story of his retirement from his full-time sales position to take his dream of cattle ranching to the next level. As a going away present, the sales guys he worked with pooled their money together and arranged for Mr. Bower to get a pick of the litter Border Collie from a famous dog breeder. Hence, where Tom enters Mr. Bower’s life. The two work extremely well together and are inseparable from one another. They both work together to make the cattle ranch successful, while developing a deep bond like no other. … More “Tom” by Jim Bower

“Nonni in America, Around the World at 80 Years Old!” by Jon Svensson

In this translation, the author’s simple and heartwarming voice comes through intact on this narrative work. The places he visited, the wonderful characters he met and even ordeals he went through created a captivating, endearing and colorful couch adventure for all readers. … More “Nonni in America, Around the World at 80 Years Old!” by Jon Svensson

“Above the Din” by Labar Laskie

“Above the Din” spans fifteen years of the author’s journey to overcome Hepatitis C. Laskie shares her whole path of trials and tribulations with readers so that we can see how every aspect of her life factored into how she managed to deal with this virus. While it took her a while to find a great specialist, she managed to do so through her own research and implementing alternative therapies to assist with her healing. … More “Above the Din” by Labar Laskie

“Those Darn Stripes” by Tyrel Nelson

“Those Darn Stripes” is a collection of over twenty-five stories pertaining to the life of a young author. It is a personal view into the mind, heart and soul of a young man, under forty, experiencing the ups-and-downs of life, as well as the unfortunate curves and unfair twists of joy and sadness that fate likes to throw in everyone’s path. … More “Those Darn Stripes” by Tyrel Nelson

“Leading Men in Music” by Jene Roswell

It is true that there are hundreds of biographies written about this unique list, but this is definitely one that covers all these highly influential men in one book. The careers, the work some did to go from a “poor country home” to an award-winning artist of mammoth proportions—it’s incredibly informative, and so entertaining, you will want this as your chosen “coffee table” book, which in my house was held in high esteem. … More “Leading Men in Music” by Jene Roswell

“Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay” by Blake “Crash” Priddle

Blake Priddle, takes readers on a journey through his life, recounting how he has been impacted in all areas over the years by autism. Having a close, supportive family has assisted him with overcoming many of the challenges he has faced, especially since they encouraged him to embrace difficult, complicated, and new experiences. … More “Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay” by Blake “Crash” Priddle