“Kiki Coto” by Edward Avanessy

Which would you choose if you were faced with these two choices: accept an offer to work for the most powerful and dangerous criminal organizations in the city and earn really good money, which you desperately need, or help exonerate a young and helpless woman who is falsely and unfairly accused of murder, by going after the same criminal organization that, by the way, has never been defeated before, and risk getting killed in the process? … More “Kiki Coto” by Edward Avanessy

“Praesidium” by McKinley Aspen

Praesidium is the story of Kathryn Bek, or Kate, as she is known. Kate has just graduated from college and meets Raphael, a mysterious man who offers her the perfect job in New York City. While Kate thinks that she is being hired for her degree in marketing, it turns out that Raphael is hiring her for a different reason. Instead of sitting behind a desk, this wonderful character finds out that she has special powers she did not know about and is plunged, along with the rest of the new team, into a world of mystery, magic, and outright mayhem as she discovers these new talents. In addition, Kate’s past comes front and center, since the key to saving herself and the world apparently lies in the secrets of her past and her family. … More “Praesidium” by McKinley Aspen

“Shadow of the Gypsy” by Shelly Frome

“Shadow of the Gypsy” by Shelly Frome is an amusingly entertaining crime mystery following the main character Sonny Korda, a.k.a. Josh Barlett, as he tries to elude Zarko, an Eastern European mafia figure from his past.

On the run for his life, Sonny Korda has disassociated himself from anything that resembles his past life. He changed his name to Josh Barlett and moved to a small town in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The only people that know of Josh’s whereabouts are his mother and childhood sweetheart, Molly, yet somehow, his nightmare has returned. Despite all his efforts, his past has caught up with him. With memories of a traumatic event Josh witnessed as a child haunting his every thought, he must face his fears and protect the women he loves. The only way to ensure their safety is to go to work for Russian mobsters and pay off some debts. … More “Shadow of the Gypsy” by Shelly Frome

“The Othala Rune” by D.A. Dalessandro

“The Othala Rune (Lazarus Flynn Book 2)” by D.A. Dalessandro is a scintillating historical fiction story that features a group of homeless veterans whose environment is a disarray of dilapidated encampments, a rather sad image for the selfless servicemen, and which the main protagonist Lazarus Flynn and his old friend Robinson feel obliged to come to the aid of. The veterans’ woes seem to plunge them deeper and deeper into misery and rage when the senate, unfortunately, stands obdurate to abet by opposing the release of the Expeditionary Forces Bonus which the veterans so dearly require. … More “The Othala Rune” by D.A. Dalessandro

“In the Belly of the Bell-Shaped Curve” by Michael Carter

“In the Belly of the Bell-Shaped Curve” might be one of the most original titles I’ve read to date. Written by Michael Carter, it’s packed full of relatable thoughts, feelings, and cultural references that never fail to amuse and entertain. The premise is as follows: Turk has come to the conclusion that his life would be better if he just found a way out of the mundane. Divorced, pudgy, and uninspired by his tedious job as a claims adjuster, Turk dreams of coming up with a plan to train chimps to take on menial labor for people and earn himself freedom from life’s drudgery. He’s willing to do almost anything to achieve his dream: sacrifice time with his kids, break the law, even contact a known scammer. Follow Turk on his strange and enjoyable journey. You won’t regret it! … More “In the Belly of the Bell-Shaped Curve” by Michael Carter

“Down Wind and Out of Sight” by Douglas Richardson

“Down Wind and Out of Sight” is an amazing novel that is full of complexities. I found myself completely caught off guard as I delved deeper into the pages. Richardson skillfully blends in several themes, topics that I would have previously assumed to be too unrelated to be able to connect together into a story. Not only does he make it work, he creates a masterpiece by doing so. He incorporates racism, autism, systemic abuse of aboriginal people, and how marine life are impacted by technology. These are just to name a few. The technology used in this story actually goes much further than affecting marine life; it also drastically affects humans, but still readers gain some insight into marine events that have actually taken place. … More “Down Wind and Out of Sight” by Douglas Richardson

“Apotheosis” by Bruce Westrate

“Apotheosis” is a genre-arching thriller written by Bruce Westrate and set in the rustic countryside of Principia, Indiana. It’s the year 1996 and two boys, Tim and Ted, no older than seventeen, are setting up their gear for a deer hunt in the nearby woods. Upon getting to the forest, they encounter a bizarre ceremony in the dead of night. Preliminary indications suggest human remains were among the ashes of the fire and when the local sheriff probes further through thorough investigation, he finds out the horror that had taken place that night. … More “Apotheosis” by Bruce Westrate