“The Midas Death” by Diana M. DeLuca

“The Midas Death” is a very unusual detective/mystery narrative. One might say that all detective stories are primarily about a detective’s journey into capturing a killer. Not this book! The author is able to deviate off track enough to bring about an engaging start and a mysterious ending. Inspector “Kaj” isn’t your typical detective with the brilliant IQ nor the gifted ability to outsmart anyone. … More “The Midas Death” by Diana M. DeLuca

“The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling

“The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling, is a well-paced mystery with accessible characters, interesting settings, and a riveting plot. Sometimes international suspense thrillers can get bogged down in too many subplots or unbelievable circumstances, but this book is the perfect example of how to do it right. … More “The Syncopated Heart” by Douglas J. Keeling

“Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay

“Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay is three stories in one. There is the “obsessed ex-husband still smitten by his ex despite his behavior” story. There is the “ex-wife and new husband living on the Canadian border on an island and raising their incredibly bright ten-year-old son who does not look like either of his parents” story. Then there is the “quirky ten-year-old boy living with his family on the island and his unusual fascination with stars” story. … More “Rainy Lake Rendezvous” by Janet Kay